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A moment of your time

by Makaia ngā Aonanī

Io and Orion ignore parental advice to investigate a spooky basement and are intrigued by an offer of power from an unlikely source.


This could equally have been used for the Unwanted Visitor or Horror genres!
It's quite hard to act against something that isn't there, but the kids do a really good job.
It's a nice twist on a trope - its not actually a god botherer trying to talk to you, its the actual *god* bothering them.

Great location and as mentioned above, a multi-genre short. Some nice touches of humour and well acted by the young cast. Sound is something to sharpen up in your next project. Good stuff!

A nice mix of camera angles and SFX complemented the time and space of this short, and I liked the contrary interplay of the two leads. The sound could have benefited from some consistency or an extra foley track, but overall this was a cool take in a lock-down environment. I wonder what you would have done if you were allowed to go out!?

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