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Permanent Resident


A man is being tormented by an unwanted guest in his home during COVID19 lockdown.


Effectively suspenseful and great atmosphere created. I thought the actors were wonderful too, the little girl was great in her role! Well done :)
-Bepsi and Max

Great atmosphere created here, good pacing, liked the arc shot and some solid acting. Not sure that the police would act quite the way they did but whatever -strange times and all that. Pretty tight production overall. Good stuff!

Really effective tone in this film. The look and sound of everything helped that a lot.

The main character seemed a little too chill for having a ghost in the house I thought, but the rest of the performance was good.

The building of tension, especially during the end was great!

I loved the sound and it was well shot. The scene with the toothbrush wasn't as strong as others. Some of the phone dialogue seemed extraneous and the cut was a little distracting.

I loved the "this is my house" ending. Well done!

Nice job! Excellent use of the elements and some great little moments in here. One of the better unwanted guests I've seen. Keep it up!

Getting feelings of both suspense of what's creeping around behind one's back, and complete empathy for just wanting a quiet weekend in.
The Bepanthen on the tooth brush was pure evil.

This is surely the beginnings of what is going to be a sitcom set around these characters having to live together.

This was nicely shot and had a nice sound mix. Good use of music to create tension.

I think you possibly could have been a bit more creative visually. Rather than things getting thrown into frame you could of had a few more things going on within the frame. The plot was also a little thin.

There is some reasonably good production value going on here. The story is a bit bland I guess but I guess that's okay for a 3-minute short film. Though I can't imagine how long the ghost's solution for getting him out of the house is going to work. Maybe 15-20 minutes or a day at the most.
The music was pretty strong though.

I hope there is going to be more.

This was a cool concept, and I think it was shot well. Framing etc. were good and the music and sound design did a great job of creating the atmosphere. It would have been great to see this exchange between characters get more intense before the ending, but I guess it's one of the trade offs with a 3 min film.

The audio levels were quite low in the phone scenes compared to the very start, so potential advice for future would be to try to get that a bit more even. But it had a great vibe, good performances, and the end was creepy and well done :)

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