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by Bored Narcissist Studios

A desperate man can't get a monkey off his back. Literally.


I enjoyed the quirkiness of this. The staring contest when the monkey first arrives was classic as was the fight scene. In the end, surprisingly heart felt. Nice work!

Quirky little film and I thought the location used for it was perfect for the atmosphere. That said I think you introduced the Unwanted guest too late and I think you could have brought some more heartfelt elements into the script. Maybe a reveal of why he's out in this little house rather than the real house could have been hinted at. Noticed you did your own music which was pretty good too.

A strange but surprisingly wholesome film.

The tone of this film was balanced really well. I liked the bizarreness of the whole thing and found the fight scene really funny. The dialogue delivery really helped the vibe really well. The "Get in." made me laugh for whatever reason!

Also would've loved a hint towards why he's in the playhouse. I think that would help drive the heartfelt ending home for me.

Music was great, suited it perfectly. Really enjoyed it!

That was bananas. Probably my favourite photo of the comp so far. The constant dissolves were a bit distracting but otherwise a great effort

This is the kind of hori shizzle I'm here for!

"Get in" - 10/10 delivery

This was a little disjointed for me. I enjoyed moments of it but it didn't quite come together. I agree with another reviewer that you could of introduced the monkey earlier.

A few technical issues to work on like 'crossing the line' for instance. I also think you could of gone to town on sound effects for that fight scene. Whooshes and punch SFX never go amiss IMHO 🤓

The photo at the end was amazing, haha. It looks like you had fun with this, and well done on the original soundtrack. The music was used well to drive the story. As others have said, some parts of the story could have been more clear, maybe a photo of the monkey/family that he had with him in the sleepout or something?

Technically, getting the audio levels even and transition smooth will help for a better experience for the viewers. But all in all a fun watch and a good little short! Well done :)

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