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Hide N Seek

by The Freewi's


A compelling concept with the unexplained closet that speeds up time for whatever is inside. Or at least that's what I thought it was doing but I think the daughter went in young and came out not only old but at a different time as well. I don't really know, but I guess it makes for a compelling mystery for the audience to ponder when the film is finished. There are some fantastic shots in the film as well, the wide shots aren't as good but I guess it's hard to control that harsh backlighting from the windows when you are shooting on what I assume is a DSLR. I think you could have made the inside of the closet more visually interesting but that's sort of a nitpick detail.

An engaging short with a concept not far from my own 2020 film. As a fan of the use of close-ups whenever possible I enjoyed yours and as mentioned above they were the strength of the cinematography. Full of intrigue; I liked it!

A really nice little film! Well done using things immediately available to you - great use of the lockdown restrictions. Fun little special effects here and there, and nice performances from the family. I was a little unsure what the ending was really getting at - I think it could have been a little clearer. But overall wonderful job!

Very nicely made and particularly strong camera work and acting. The ending could be more clear. The set up with the closet carried it well.

This is a clever lockdown sci-fi film. The premise is simple, suspenseful, and the outcome made perfect sense to me. Well done!

I really loved this!

I though the execution at the end was perfect and the lead up to the end explained as much as it needed to. The sound effects were really great and creepy and helped with the intrigue too.

Would've loved to see this look a little bit nicer cinematography wise through the middle, but definitely understand the limitations of making it look nice during lockdown. The start and end close ups looked good though.

Great film!

This one was interesting to watch after 'Shed' earlier (which was the same but opposite time-travel premise). I enjoyed the performances and the score set an ominous tone as we started to dread what was about to happen.

Nice job, I enjoyed this one. I missed if there was a reason/cause for the cupboard to behave this way, but loved the execution. Keep it up!

Neat idea with a solid execution. One of the better uses of kids I’ve seen during Lockdown 2020.

Felt the concept could’ve been pushed a little further. Left me expecting to see the father confronted by the older daughter given he saw the other ‘aged’ items in the closet come out, so the climax left me feeling a bit empty.

A good entry nonetheless.

Nice set up to a cool idea. I did find it kind of predictable that she was going to run in there, so the ending was a little unsatisfying for me. As Liam Maguren has stated above, seeing the father confront the daughter would of been interesting. (Sequel?) Someone needs to confront him because I think we can all agree - If you find a time traveling cupboard mid hide and seek then you should probably stop the game.

This was entertaining as I recently watched SHED which was the reverse concept , but both were executed well and differently from each other.

This was a clever concept, and the setup for the story was really well done, with the circling back around to the end that we saw at the start. Great performances by the actors too. As others have said the cinematography could have been a little more polished in the middle, but some shots are easier than others with the constraints of, well, 48 hours AND lockdown.

The close up shots were really nicely framed and things across the board were simple yet effective. Look forward to seeing more from the Freewis :)

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