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Monday, 12:03

by Drake and Co.

It's a regular day at Lunar Mission Control for Richard, until a routine experiment goes awry, putting his wife Libby in danger.


This is great. Appreciated the simple set-up and doing a repetitive loop is a smart idea for this particular competition. Looked great, sounded great and it all made sense to me! Visual effects worked well and overall a tightly made short. Well done!

Pretty good concept going on here, the time loop, and the unsuspecting protagonist not realizing what's going on until it's too late. The film does a pretty good job of making you care about a character that you don't really see outside of a photograph and I thought you did a good job with the interface design of the computer as well. Personally I find stuff like this frustrating to watch but I can see why others might enjoy watching them more than something with more of a "happy ending".

I liked it. Very tight and successfully told a very nice story. Great concept and the vfx were solid. Good effort.

Great acting, well shot and well produced. I didn't really understand the ending but that say more about me than your film.

What a clear and well-executed concept. The simple addition of "Babe" in the dialogue conveyed the bond between the two characters. The voiceovers and VFX were well done. The ending is a cliff-hanger. I want to know what happened to her!

I like the concept of this, the time loop is a fun one to explore. I thought the performances were both good and the graphics and sound effects were well done!

It could be just me, but I'm not 100% how or why the time loop exists, I'm assuming it's because of something she found on her mission. But then I'm not sure why it only loops exactly 3 times and no more until (spoilers) she dies.

Still really enjoyed it though, great tension and mystery!

Really impressed in your ability to pull off a Groundhog Day narrative in just 3min. It's tight and explains just enough for everything to click in place.

Some darker lighting or LUT would've helped elevate the mood on a visual level. You'd be surprised how a simple black sheet covering the wall will make a world of difference. REALLY like the idea behind the fading photograph, but may have been a bit too subtle. If the photo was littered with items that gradually reduced with each loop, I think it would have had more punch to help the audience get the idea that there are only so many loops before the incident is perminent.

Still, bloody good effort. Keep at it.

Nice tightly woven Groundhog Day story in 3 mins, it was easy to follow what was going on and had a good performance from the lead actor, I enjoyed this one and was on the edge of my set waiting for a "Wait, stop!!"

Great work here, left me wanting more also. Nice production values, could only been improved with an establisher or two, maybe dress up the wall in the back. Otherwise, tight!

Really well executed. No fat on it whatsoever. I was itching to know how it would end.

Unfortunately, I was a little disappointed with the ending. I was hoping for answers and was left with more questions. I am a bit of a dummy though so maybe I need to keep thinking about it 🤔

Kudos on a compelling short!

Nice! This was a tight little short. Great production values, well executed. The motion graphics were great and I loved the little 5G nod on the display, haha.

I picked up more from reading the other reviews after I watched it, so agree that some of the clever, subtle things could have been more obvious, but the film is fine without them so that's not a criticism at all.

Awesome effort, and great acting too :)

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