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by CockUp Productions


Had a funny premise, and a solid second half, but the reporter segment in the first half seemed to run a little long, and from a technical standpoint, didn’t look the part - the shot ideally needed to be wider and on a tripod to make it feel more like an actual news report.

Default Avatar Jay Sherman

I was surprised how good this film turned out to be given that the start felt more like a blooper reel. There was a significant lack of artistic focus during the news interviews, but once that was out of the way things picked up and produced some really nice set pieces that exemplified nature running amok. A little more time figuring out the framing and timing on those initial scenes would have given a nice amount of polish that would have made this a really fun little film from top to bottom.

My favourite 'nature run amok' film. This had plenty of tension and some great gags. good job!

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