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Earth 2.0

by 400 Stinkin Feet 118 views


Wacky in all the right ways, the sleazy weirdo looking for a partner to take to Earth 2.0 was hilarious. Also provided some of the funniest moments of the heat (the murder out of nowhere and the woman breaking her ankle from a gentle nudge were great!).

Genuinely batshit insane. I saw the title and was expecting something inspired by the old Tim Curry sci fi show from the 90s and instead got a hilarious romp through the last day on earth in Wainui. Boy oh boy this team was out to entertain. A lot of jokes missed but several of them hit such as the meteor spotted out the window with a "nope!" response. The fight to be the last survivor on the last rocketship anyone would realistically want to stake their life on was mind boggling stuff, from the blunt gun death through to jenken. But the Prince of Wainui....just wow - not sure if incredibly strange or best worst is still a thing but you guys are up for my award this year at least. Sound was unfortunately very raw.

Default Avatar eelmane

haha this was hilarious great job on the vfx, loved the sleazy prince of wainui and his dodgy rocketship. all the actors did a fantastic job. I felt the flat meeting was a bit too much like one of murray's band manager meetings but other than that really entertaining

Flat meetings are always about chores and in this case the astroids outside destroying the earth. Luckily the wealthy and eccentric Prince of Wainui has built a rocket to escape the end of the world. I enjoyed the performance of the quintessentially kiwi flat leader and his dry delivery (reminding me of the Flight of the Concords). None of the characters seems to care who lived or died - it was dog eat dog world and survival of the fittest was at play. There was some great use of stock footage, some sketchy fx and physical jokes which all added to the comedy. I really wanted to see the rocket take off in the last shot!

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