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by Betterthanmike 91 views


Very strange film with all the performances delightfully hammy. I liked how everyone bought into the gimmick and gave 100%, not least the lead's bravery in the final scene on what was a very cold day! I'm a bit confused how this fit the 'film spanning 10+ years' genre though.

Yeah I'm not going to be down on this one as was infectious in its positivity despite some technical holdups in terms of editing and sound where unfortunately wind was on a lot of the track. A fashion retreat in the woods allowed 3 epic micro fashionista biopics that had big ideas about country vs city and, fashion as a deep concept and finding individual identity.

Default Avatar eelmane

love this teams sense of humour, all really natural in front of the camera. could be improved with a bit of technical finesse but really enjoyed the film!

When you are lacking in style or direction, take a fashion retreat with some strong female fashionistas hanging out in the pine forest. There were some technical issues with the sound, but I still enjoyed the cult-like feminist fashion banter between the female characters (especially in the cinema), the transcension into her true self was bold and brave. I was craving some more high fashion with the outfits.

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