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by Olax

Got this in with one minute to spare. Extremely rough but a fun watch.


Very hard not to smile at this one. Nicely crafted using an obvious vast collection of porcelain etc dogs. The casting was great! I thought the pacing and energy was great through the first two thirds before the climatic battle kind of slowed things down somewhat. Great use of some typical monster movie tropes and well done to the voice actors for contributing to an entertaining short.

Really loved it!

Awesome nods to different genres. Really liked the style of the overall film. The black and white cinematography, punchy editing, stop motion and visual gags were all really well done.

It felt like Isle of Dogs X Godzilla, but with porcelain dogs, and I loved it.

Great film!!

Cool effects and tight script. I like the little touches like the parliament picture.

"No you gotta family" -classic!

I have an overwhelming urge to write a "Dogzilla" theme song for this short! Enjoyed watching this and I hope you'll do a Swamp Thing movie next year.

I love the aesthetic and the animation was really good too. It had vibes of that Wes Anderson movie Ilse of Dogs but more 1930s monster movie. I think you could have done the dogs and Dogzilla separately to create a sense of scale but it's not the end of the world.

This was awesome, and nowhere near as rough as I expected from the description, haha. The story was tight, no fat on it. Loved the way it was told, voice performances were good, and the black and white was great.

The special effects added to the vibe even though they technically looked a little out of place compared to the style of the rest, but I think it just added to the character. I was drawn into the story, and I loved the little dog accessories like the headset made out of the button and paperclip or whatever, haha.

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