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by rip hocus pocus focus

A young man struggles to find his feet.

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A dramatization of damaged mental health due to PTSD?

The VFX work on this is really well done, but the film itself really made me pause and think once it had finished. We all have our struggles, some big, some small, and this film hit me in a way I haven't felt before. I wasn't even in NZ when the Christchurch quakes happened.

The central performance is great - even though nothing is really said, and it is really nice to see several members of the same family make up the cast and crew.

The only nitpick I have about such a well executed film is the pictures on the walls - they should have been taken down to help sell the shaking scenes, otherwise it takes you out of the film momentarily. Yes, you could argue that the pictures don't fall down because the shake isn't actually happening, but in the moment of watching it was distracting.

Watching this film is like watching my own children grow up and take flight.

The execution is beyond phenomenal for a 48Hours film, but more than that, this film means something. Which is more than I can say for most of the national finalists this year. qk shows an understanding of what filmmaking is all about, by telling a meaningful story and doing it in a splendorous fashion.

If these films were judged regionally I have no doubt qk would have cleaned up the competition.

This is probably my favourite Rip focus associated film even if I'm not that enamored with the PTSD subject material - CHCH quakes are still pretty raw, man. And I if it is earthquake related I have questions around the train & monster in the cupboard? Metaphorical? I just couldn't see the fit in the context of what he was experiencing. That said, the short keeps you engaged, is visually impressive (ropy wall cracks aside) and is well acted. Wasn't a fan of the dinging montage at the start but did appreciate the call back to it at the end. Nice work.

*Ben Close is obviously a huge fan with an objective voice. I see you.

Really cool effects and it kept me fully engaged the whole way through. I didn't quite get what it all meant but then again I'm a bit of a dumbo 😐

Might need to watch it again!

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