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Soul Sucking

by AppleFork

A quiet night in for the lads gets interesting when they attempt to contact their friend beyond the grave


Loved some of the visual story-telling in this. Well paced, nice touches of humour and there's good acting on display. The In-Control/Not-In-Control Ouija board trope is a well-worn one but at least here it delivers an on point twist at the end. Great stuff!

The music and the escalating movements on the Ouija board built a lot of suspense, then delivered a punch of comedy. Well shot, well edited and well-delivered!

Awesome job, you nailed it I reckon. Can't fault this at all.

Perfectly shot. Great performances. Nice dynamic between the two characters. The timing of the 'gobby' joke was perfect. Its paced nicely and builds perfectly to the final punch line.

I won't be going near a Ouija board anytime soon. 😬

Right off the bat, I'm really digging the Fonts. As for the film... solid stuff, presented the atmosphere really well and the music helped to punch everything up. I suppose I could nitpick about the pacing in the middle and say that the energy in the performances needed to be amped up a bit and I think you could've done the ghost a bit better than that but all in all, it was pretty good.

Nice job! I like that this moved at a good pace, even though it felt like maybe it would have been even better a little more tension in the middle, but 3 mins is a quick turn around, and I think it was really good as is. The shots used, the acting etc. all added to the atmosphere, and I enjoyed the juxtaposition of the scary seance with the ridiculous crude messages :) Great title too, btw, very appropriate!

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