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Mega Sock Force

by Bus of the Undead

When Dogzilla threatens the city, Mega Sock Force have to team up. Can they stop the destruction?
Put together in isolation bubbles across Auckland, Wellington, and Dunedin.


This is so good. I wish we could have an unofficial Dunedin finals so you guys could win!

Thank you- that made me really happy. I no longer feel alone when I binge watch Power Rangers. Even had a Robocop gun! Wow. Why can't there be more films like this? This is in my top 5 at least. Had all my favourite things in it, jam packed into a tight 3 minutes. The judges must have been sleeping if they missed this, Nice work team- what a terrific vibe this film gives off. Thank you again.

Oh my stars, this is amazing! Incredible effort to do this in 48hours. I attempted a similar vibe for my film and only managed to get one backdrop in haha.

If I were judging, this would certainly be in the finals. 5 socks out of 5.

This is absolutely wonderful. Perfectly put together, perfectly pitched. Awesome work.

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