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48 Hour Challenge- CORONA VS BOY

by The Lone Akina Lad

Corona VS Boy a scifi classic!


I think I saw in the facebook feed you said you were only 15? If so, some of the stuff in here puts old farts like me to shame!
Some nice direction and humorous touches - the sci-fi SFX are really well integrated.
The only thing I would say is that the voice of the bottle is quite hard to hear sometimes, so you just need to keep an eye (or an ear) on your audio levels when you are mixing.
Keep making films - if this is what you can make when you are stuck at home when you are fifteen, then the sky is really the limit for what you will be able to achieve when you have more freedom!

thanks for the great feedback, yeah i was quite annoyed with that aswell. since I recorded on a iphone you could be talking right at it but it decides what it does and doesn't want to pick up. And since it was made purely in AE there wasn't much I could do about it sadly.

Lots of effort put in here by pretty much a solo team by the look of the credits. Some good visual effects and nice touches of humour. Gets a bit weird towards the end and yeah, work on your sound. Really good that you committed 100% to your idea. Keep it up!

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