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Shaved: The Harry Lippman Story

by Scratching Post

The world of competitive facial hair growing is shaken after a fan-tash-tic stash is stolen.


As a dirty beard grower myself, I really liked this one. The facial hair joke counter was a great touch.
Scott really looked like such different people as he sported various states of depilatory action throughout the film and the 'a beard...' credit was *chef's kiss*
The 'whodunit' trappings were present and correct, but the big reveal wasn't much of one. That said, the rest of the style and setting of the short was well done.

Yeah, nicely done. Enjoyed the same people playing different parts which really is in the spirit of using what you have in the Lockdown. Good little mystery too with mockumentary used effectively as the style to deliver it. Again, a solid option given the Lockdown.

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