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FU Finding Unicorns

by Wainot productions


Default Avatar J frog enterprises

Overall well shot, the unicorn expert seemed to be pretty randomly put in the middle might have been better at the start, Some slight improvements to sound the voices at time sounded unnatural in terms of volume and direction from camera and there was some peaking during walking, was the unicorn supposed to be in the background of the final interview shot ??

Default Avatar hannab123

I loved the 'mockumentary' aspect of it. Audio was iffy at times in terms of syncing but there was humour in all the right places

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A mockumentary TV show dedicated to finding the mythical unicorn. Great location; the native bush looked great! Could have used a little more features of a documentary to really nail it. The expert sequences were cute but as already mentioned seemed randomly inserted and slowed down the pace of the film. Audio can be tricky at times and yes the sync was slightly out at times. You nailed some of the night filming which many teams fail at. I think you should have gone bigger on the gross out aspect but you'll look back on this film in the future and have a really cool family record to laugh/cringe over. Nice job!

This was very sweet. Some great night shots, and I thought it was cool how you kept the unicorn very secret the whole way through, no massive reveals of 'omg look we were right it's a unicorn wow' A little messy in places with the audio, and not every scene felt like they were blending exactly, eg. the scenes with the kids talking about unicorns - while very cute - stood out as not really fitting in with the story telling coming from the other outdoor scenes, perhaps some re-arranging would have helped to get a more linear story going on.

A nice idea with a few technical issues that catch us all out under the pressure of 48 Hours. Didn't quite hit the mark as a gross-out comedy but certainly saw some mileage in the idea, and a lovely use of the kids to charm us all.

Cute film, fun premise. Looks like everyone involved had fun making this. Nice to see the whole family got some screen time :) Congratulations on completing a film!

I loved this film! Had it been a bit more technically competent, I think it would have made the shortlist for sure. The dialogue was so funny, loved the term "Corn" as Unicorn hunter jargon, and "More corn out here than on the cob" was fucking hilarious. My favourite part though, was when the toddler unicorn expert was asked if Unicorns like chocolate cake and she responds with an emphatic and bizarrely furious "NO!" I don't know why she was so offended by the concept of chocolate cake, but I actually had to pause the film when vetting it because I was laughing so hard. TITLE REVIEW: Very cheeky play on words. I like it.

Had great difficulty deciding between 3 and 4 stars for this film. It had a certain level of inexperience charm and made great use of the location with a couple of solid laughs. However the switch between the hunting and the little girl scene seemed to throw it off course somewhat. Missed some of what the little girl said and apart from the shit eating the film lacked any gross or cringe factor. But there was potential here. I would recommend if you want to carry on making films that you start by perfecting this one, there's a great comedy idea here that just needs a few tweaks.

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