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Cabin Fever

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Default Avatar J frog enterprises

This movie suffered from only having one shooting location funny twist at the end mixed in with weird insults throughout

Default Avatar hannab123

Great dialogue and awesome unique twist at the end. Would have liked a bit more variety in shots. But for the aesthetic you were going for, it worked well.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

Two hunting mates spend a little more time than expected in-tent. As one gets slowly unwell we learn of a developing Zombiepocolypse. I'm all for minimal sets especially if you're working as a small team. It's a great idea to work within your means. Joe Kearns is great in this in both his growing exasperation with his hunting mate and the creative insults he lets fly - "You smellfungus" is probably the cleanest I can publish. Overall good humour and well made. Things are a little repetitive at times but it all pays off with an well-delivered twist at films end. Great stuff.

I loved this. The interaction between the characters was just brilliant. The shock at the end + the immediate twist was spot on. The middle section got a little draggy in places, probably could have cut the film down a little bit to keep the pace up the whole way through, but besides that a really solid film that I can't wait to show my mum.

Really enjoyed this one - it looked great, had solid acting and I like single-location short films that rely on dialogue. I think you set it up well with the script and I don't think you needed the cheap-laughs as it was creative enough with the guy just generally being a dope!

Loved the dark ending, it got a good laugh from me.

Pretty funny movie over all, its pretty absurd which I guess is the point of the film but if it is then i don’t really know if it goes absurd enough. perhaps silly is the better descriptor Loved all the name calling. Very funny.

I think there is a nugget of a good idea in this film. The character dynamic worked and the twist at the end was funny. But I feel like the rest of the film is quite stilted, and goes on for probably too long. It kind of toys with absurdity without leaning into it enough. I think maybe if there had been a few more locations and wasn't entirely tent bound, we'd have something a bit more interesting here. Technical elements were competent, though whatever camera was used kind of makes the film look like it was recorded on a VHS camera. TITLE REVIEW: Cabin Fever stands strong, an obvious title for the film.

This was a mostly annoying film that I was just waiting to end, found it mostly unfunny and no real tension as a possible apocalypse movie. It was the end that made it kind of worthwhile, it was definitely going to get 2 stars before that.

Default Avatar ForeverNoir

Good twist at the end that nearly made the movie worth watching. Overall though, just too cringe to watch as the lines of dialogue, and insults that 50-year-old men find funny were forcibly thrown out by the unlikable characters.

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