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by Tampoon Tales


Default Avatar J frog enterprises

This film may have benefitted from only focusing on the dance element rather than trying to fit musical elements in

Default Avatar hannab123

Liked the heartwarming ending. I felt it should have introduced the male character a bit more (would have liked to learn more about him). You did so well with one of the hardest genres :)

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A group of dancers complete a rehearsal for a show. One them struggles with a less than supportive husband. Nicely edited and some good camera work. I thought the change the radio station-change the singer exchange in the car was a clever way to do a song. The singing and songs themselves weren't that strong but musical is not easy. Credit should be given for actually doing dance as well in this! I too would have liked to learn more about the two main characters, perhaps seen more conflict that then would had added more weight to the ending.

Musical AND Dance? Dang, solid effort. Already been said but I thought the switching of music styles in the car was very clever. I think the main gripe is the sound mix, the music was just too loud in some points to hear the characters. The ending was sweet although a rather abrupt twist considering that guy came off as sort of abusive at the start, probably needed to be a little clearer whether he was a brute or whether he was just not that interested in the show. Overall a really great effort at a crazy hard genre!

It's really hard to do a musical in 5 minutes and I largely agree with all the other comments made - certainly enjoyed the radio exchange. I would have liked to see more focus on the husband's change in attitude because I think really the film is about him.

Story was mostly quite clear and easy to follow, some of the developments just felt unearned. The film overall just needed a bit more focus. Who’s story was this telling exactly? Some of the technical elements let you down. The music/singing was a bit rough. But considering that you went the whole hog and did musical and dance I’m impressed on that level

A solid effort at making a Musical/Dance film. I thought the ending was really sweet, but didn't necessarily feel like the ending this story needed, with it focusing on other characters for probably too long. I think, had there been a musician on the team, we could have had something a bit more notable here. The song about the women's insecurities at the start, and the genre changing song with the couple could have really skyrocketed this film if they'd been put together a little tighter. TITLE REVIEW: Not sure why its called Stages? Stages of life? Stages for a performance? Good stuff.

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