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Dog's Day Out

by Balloon Dog Incarcerated

Two dogs go on an adventure.


On a day with lovely weather for adventure, 2 carefree doggos decide that the pond is not quite the location they had in mine to lollop around in, especially when they know the way to their favourite place if they give their owner the slip.

The footage of the dogs on the run was genuinely outstanding, offering a sense of freedom and exuberance to see the animals running free. This footage was particularly well put together, with landscapes, forest ands tunnels working together to create a sense of freedom.

I think for mine, the film's tone was just slightly uneven, with the parking ticket and fall into the water providing comic relief but not quite hitting the mark, and the ending seeming a tad anticlimactic. However the out of control van was nicely done and did make me laugh.

Story: 2.5/5
Technical: 3/5
Elements: 2.5/5
Overall: 3/5

A pretty cute story about dogs!

The highlights for me were those cathartic shots of the dogs running free through the bush - I wanted to join them and go on their adventure too!

Maybe the most controversial use of "Something Invisible" I've seen in the comp though, I'm not sure "not being able to find something" counts as invisible!

I think the story had highlights, but ultimately I'd have loved to have seen it go to bigger and better places.

Still, very cute and charming. Great job team!

Things you got right: A movie which felt very inspirational at times, especially if you're into/are a dog!

Things to work on for next time: I'd love to see you heighten the stakes, play with tension and build character arcs.

I guess the tricky thing about reviewing films so late is they're not fresh in my mind and this preview isn't the film, but based on AJs review I do recall there being some stellar slow motion dog running shots that were super slick, very very nice :)

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