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Connection Issues

by The 5 Musketeers 157 views


Default Avatar MistaTeas

Two teens share an increasingly frustrating relationship via virtual reality. Second year in for "The 5 Musketeers" (formally Guardians of the Galaxy S9) and they've crafted together a sweet little story here. Loved the awkward tension that developed and the timing at the end was excellent. You have some awesome locations and your V/R effects were well-executed without going over the top. Credit to your two leads who committed themselves to somewhat uncomfortable roles. And to the madness at the castle - the audience loved it. One of the better films from the school heat, so great job!

Slightly biased review cause the server jokes were my niche, but it was a nice movie that had a good ending. The transition editing was tight, sound and cinematography held it back tho. Also there wasn't HEAPS of plot, which normally is a good thing for school teams, but I reckon you guys are good enough to aim even higher. Can't wait to see next year's film.

Man you guys had a great story, especially the ending I thought that was quite strong. Also really enjoyed the duck, thought that was a good little world builder for you guys. NEXT YEAR: Continue to work on your camera skills and sound, some shots were good for the teleportation scenes, but during the conversation it would have done you justice to push the limits of what you were shooting into more interesting angles etc. Keep up the great work team, see you next year. OH! before I forget - I LOVED your team intro hahahaha

Really cool idea, if a little derivative of READY PLAYER ONE, but that's okay. Probably one of the best overall story arcs I've seen in a school team this year, with a nice punchline to end on. While the castle was a great location, it would have been nice if all the others were of this caliber, I know that's no easy task, but it was a bit weird that this online game had very simplistic and banal locations like paddocks and beaches. I'd work on your technical side for next year team, and your storytelling skils are nearly there too. As for your title, "Connection Issues" is a fantastic double meaning, really stands up well, and knowing the genre makes the joke clear even before you watch it.

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