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by Breens B-Roll


Default Avatar MistaTeas

A team of Timeslingers find themselves in the old west with a whole heap of time travelling problems to sort out. This had "Mad Scientists" written all over it but it was clear to see that this group of lads had taken the influences of their mentor and made it their own. So, so clever to get around potential issues with age-appropriate casting by making age an early time-travelling complication. Great music, effective greenscreen and nice touches of humour. The actors handled a lot of dialogue too and what's more they did it effectively. Audio is something to work on next year - getting that balance right can really improve a film. Great job to all involved!

Well done guys! This was a great effort for your first ever 48hours. You created some moments of real tension, and the shoot up at the end was very cool. As MistaTeas already noted, next year your big task to work on is your sound! Sound is the trickster you learn about after giving the competition a few gos, it turns out to be probably the most important part of a film! Best of luck for next year I hope you guys keep doing the competition.

Adorable. Great film, great concept, killer gag at the end. Epic costumes and effects. Very well handled performances by the lead characters. Lots of complex dialogue to get through great team intro too

Default Avatar J frog enterprises

A short sharp and to the point time travel movie with plenty of laughs, I look forward to seeing this team develop, seeing the team intro I assume 48 hours isn't your only film this year at times minor technical inconsistencies in colouring at times, the audio was very clean was it adr ? some good editting overall, look forward to more complex storeys in the future

Default Avatar 48filmmonkey

This is what these school heats are all and I love it. Short and sweet and very adorable. Great seeing some of the teams get younger and younger(pun intended) every year. Time travel idea was fun and the gag at the end was priceless. "Timetravel"! Just keep learning and start challenging your ideas and creativity and keep it fun. Would love to see this team again next year.

Wow, what an awesome interpretation of the Time Travel genre, utilising the fact you're a team of 12-year-olds by making age-regression a glitch in the time travelling mechanism is actually genius. The costumes and special effects are all awesome. The story was maybe a little undercooked and I'm not sure where it ended up in the middle but ending it with them turning into babies was hilarious. I'd watch a weekly TV show about two time travellers who constantly change age whenever they sling. TITLE REVIEW: Timeslingers is great, a nice pulpy scifi feel.

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