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Follow Your Dreams

by Carmen Road Academy Films

Two lovers are on the run from a mysterious murderer, we see the attempt to uncover the truth behind these events.


I think this team was going for a 'scream queen' and if I'm way off base on that given the 2 leads were a normal loving queer couple I sincerely apologise, but the visual motifs such as them literally being trapped in the closet are what gave credence to this theory.

Honestly I think you could have pushed this angle even further to give your film some really strong subtext. As it was this slasher really come across as quite cold and mean spirited in tone with a stab stab stab got em' approach.

Some inventive camera angles, but technically a few issues with juddery frame rates, handheld camerawork being unsteady, shots out of focus and lighting being a mixed bag.

Lots of coverage and promise with ideas, I'd try and spin something a bit more original and positive next time team.

I have been a fan of Carmen Road Academy Films for a long time. I have no idea who at the school oversees this team year after year, but I want to shout them out for continuing to encourage your students to get involved and give the competition a go.

As far as feedback, given that I'm moderately confident it's a different group of kids involved each year, I think the best thing I can reccomend is to spend time prior to the comp upskilling in your sound control. Good clear sound is more than half of a cohesive story, and does wonders for any film even if the camera work is rough. I look forward to seeing more Carmen Road in the future!

What I liked:
Love the concept of a queer slasher movie!

What I didn't like:
Plot was ultimately pretty unclear - for future work, make sure you focus on the progression of the story.

Something else I liked:
While not intentional, the drone shot turning to chaos at the end of the film is one of the most quintessential 48Hours things I've ever seen - loved it.

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