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by Staircase Nation


An office worker finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time, which actually turns out to be the right place at the right time to thwart an attempted robbery / hostage situation. The film begins by taking some time to establish the main character and his silly comedic habits. While in the loo, the criminals arrive, creating some nice juxtapositions between the two scenes. Things escalate to a lot of silly office-based violence. This was an odd viewing for me, where half the time I was laughing at the deliberately craptastic low-fi 48hours style of the thing, and the other half I felt frustrated by moments that seemed a bit forced and overly self-aware. But like I say, I *was* laughing rather a lot, at low-brow silliness like the commando crawl and roll, the bizarre foley choices, and the amusingly mismatched gruff bad guy voiceover. Maybe the biggest thing I was craving was more dramatic variety, more change in our hero character. I liked the idea behind what I understood to be the motivation for his key shift: seeing one of the bad guys mess up his pile of paperwork, causing him to go into a Rambo-style rage. But it's a good example of an idea that I wanted to see better developed (for instance really labouring over showing him being utterly OCD about the organisation of his desk early on). So yeah, lots of fun to watch, despite my occasional frustrations, and certainly a nice refresher of the spirit of what most 48HOURS films used to look and feel like.

This was so much fun. Your main character was classic dad turns total ninja and I loved it. The thing that lets this short down is not checking the exposure on the camera enough and I think a lot of your audio was done in post which made it a little distracting, all things to consider for next year, well done!

Default Avatar canaryinthecoalmine

This film was fun, full of silliness (though possibly slightly too silly at times) and a lead character that you couldn't help but enjoy. Production was a little rough, but it had all the charming elements of a short film shot in a weekend by a bunch of amateurs, which is what this festival is about. Good job.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A OCD business leader/manager is on the toilet when armed assailants storm the building. Plenty of good humour in this including a fantastic staple-gun kill. Lots of cheesy fight sequences and other assorted action set-pieces. Ultimately, I’m not sure what the point is - did he perhaps become the right person for this time?

As mentioned by Nimble this felt like a throw back to the days of V as naming rights sponsor and the first examples of 48hours films I saw when they broadcast the funniest silliest ones on C4. I enjoyed this for what it was, but what it was wasn’t much. Silly and goofy. Well done making everyone laugh all the same.

While actually being an example of the opposite of its genre, this film was a lot of fun. It's a little light on story, but with a better technical side, I could see a film like this being in the finals. I'd say work on camera work and editing, and if the stunts in the film looked a bit more genuine, I think this would have been kickass. TITLE REVIEW: Monday is perfect.

This film was a really good laugh at Heat 8. Good commitment to your style and you squeezed a lot of comedy out of your stylistic choices of camera and sound work. The lead actor did really well too. The final news shot and last punchline felt almost as if it was unrelated to any previous setup and I think it could have been funnier to just end with the lead character back at his desk stamping away again with dead bodies and police all around him staring at him shocked while he is back to his usual happy self smiling at everyone completely unaware. Maybe its even here that he finally sees them looking at him and pauses, shakes his head and says "Pfft Mondays! Am I right?" But either way it was a great laugh and I would suggest in the future if you go for this style of film again where you use intentionally bad camera shots or sound work etc for comedic purposes to check out the last two years from team Toot Toot. They are the masters of doing exactly that but sparingly and only when needed for the punchlines and then nice high quality the rest of the time.

I would call this film a partial success on the intentionally bad level. Plenty of Z movie energy and commitment, using a ruler against a blade and ultimately taking down the bad guys with a stapler, really? Bit iffy on the genre requirements as well. But hey, you're clearly not top award contenders so why not go all out to be the worst? You had a lot of fun and that's the main thing.

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