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Clone Swappers



Default Avatar David Rogers

One of two 'mature' films from tonight's heat and one that finally answer the question of what you'd do if you met your clone screw them or fight them... The humour of the cross dressing was lost a little when there was always one. I kind of wish that the main characters had both been their original genders and the clones had been more exaggerated cross dressing, but I get that it's not that kind of humour. I was expecting the characters to end up with the other character's clones, so was surprised when they ended up with each other.

Default Avatar Erik Nally

Great film. Loved the simplicity of it. The pay off was a little obvious but still really satisfying. Good way to only have 2 actors haha

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A couple of best buds take the opportunity to create the female versions of themselves in an effort to have the perfect woman. This is a great example of how to best utilize a small team. The leads were committed to their roles and while the story didn't head in any surprising directions it was at least, satisfying. Technically solid too - we could see everything and hear everything! Good stuff!

Default Avatar canaryinthecoalmine

Fun take on finding the "perfect" partner. I liked all the little combinations of characters and their interactions. The spinning scene (filmed on an office chair maybe?) was cute and made me giggle. Clearly a lot of work done by a small team and two solid actors who played into the gender reversal well.

This was a great sketch. Very funny throughout. I was a bit surprised that the clones were all g with just being cloned for the purpose of dating - one of the clones alluded to that idea briefly...but then just started making out with the other clone lol cOMeDy

fun film that delivers on its premise. they bone, they swing, they swing again.

Default Avatar J frog enterprises

I enjoyed this movie it was fun, was night two a partner swap night, if so that could have been clearer, good sound and camera but a bit more editing could have really made this shine

I think I'm going to give CLONE SWAPPERS the unofficial award for Horniest film in the competition this year! This movie is good fun, and the premise is pulled off in a way that actually is somewhat surprising, with a satisfying and funny ending. TITLE REVIEW: Clone Swappers is great. Tells me all I need to know, conjures up imagery. Great stuff.

This film didn't connect with me on any level, seemed a fairly ill-conceived idea that delivered no laughs. I see other people enjoyed it so it's probably just me so no need to give up making films, just not that into turning a woman into a man with a painted on beard. But not going to get stuck into anyone who loved it, just giving my honest opinion. I am in the process of reviewing all 2019 films in the screening room. Maybe you were just unfortunate to catch me at a bad moment and another time I might have loved it.

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