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Fix the Sync

by Gimble Gang

Two friends are training for a video game tournament when something goes wrong with their connection.


It is never nice to be third wheel if a best friend develops a new relationship, and this was exactly the area that Gimble Gang explored through raging at one of the guys giving up 10 hours of daily esports training to spend time with his new girlfriend.

Of course, raging at someone over not going to the local gaming tournament is a pretty shitty thing to do, and so we get a bit of self-reflection leading towards the fixing of broken bonds.

Played fairly straightforward there was not as much meat on the bones to this story as I would have liked to have seen. It felt like a fairly quick realisation of error and move to cover a 'my bad'.

I did like the driven nature of the esports competitor so upset at losing his team mate, which was well portrayed by the actor.

Story: 1.5/5
Technical: 2/5
Elements: 1.5/5
Overall: 1.5/5

I really liked what Steelpotato said about the stakes of this film, and I think a lot of its shortcomings arise from there - with a story with stakes as low as this, it's hard to find creative ways for engaging moments, set pieces or adventures.

As such we have a film which mostly takes place in different homes, and the drama arises from a pretty easily resolvable conflict.

As Steelpotato alluded to, characters solving the main crisis of a story simply by apologizing isn't exactly very filmic - I don't want to hear characters say things, I want to see them do things.

Still, a super funny and charming film in its own right, I enjoyed the characters and you all look like you had a lot of fun, and there's a clear grasp on storytelling fundamentals here.

Things you got right: Fun dynamic between characters, actors with conviction who didn't just feel like they were reading a script, a basic but understandable story arc.

Thing to work on for next time: Expand your horizons, Gimble Gang! Why shoot a film in a lounge when you can trek out to the mountains, or a forest, or a river and make something more spectacular and exciting? Use 48hours as an excuse to get out there and make something great. Also next time, upload your film to right place :D D:

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