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Make Time

by Off Demand


Default Avatar MistaTeas

When a mum doesn't have time for her daughter, the girl raps about it and seems to keep revisiting the day. Yes, musical is tough and even though the rap was good it was the only song in this short, whic his always disappointing. That said, given the time-travel combo this was actually a clever move. A good twist in the end of this too.

Great in concept, a bit confusing in execution. I didn't know who the time travelling lady was until the credits rolled and it said 'future mother', needed to be a bit more obvious. The lines in the song were good, but the performance was rushed and sadly a lot of it was out of time with the song, making it quite distracting. Still a very good effort tackling such a difficult genre, well done!

A clever plot that unfortunately got quite tiresome after the constant repeating of events, which weren’t different enough to hold my interest. Perhaps the issue is that you were focusing on the daughter, whose actions didn’t change every reset, when it was the other girl’s actions that would’ve been changing, and therefore we needed to see more of that. When going for that Groundhog Day style plot, as many teams did this year, one of the most effective ways to do that is to have your main character getting more desperate to achieve their goal in each time reset and having that clearly shown through their actions and quickening the pace in the editing.

This was the THIRD time traveling puddle movie we got this year, and like the other 2, the actual time travel element is only clear because of the genre (although this one was probably the most clear). A lot of the story in this film was kind of unclear, and as other have said, I know from the credits that there's a future mother character though I'm still unsure on how the timelines work here. My biggest note would be I'd like to see this team challenge themselves a bit more next year- this film is well edited but not a lot of locations and I would have liked a more exciting adventure. As for your title, "Make Time" is great- relates to both the time travel genre and the distant mother. Nice.

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