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A Brush With Commitment

by The Aravengers


Default Avatar Clairebear

Great storyline, easy to follow and was so funny. Lots of audience laughter and positive comments heard during the screening. Filming was smooth and well put together. I really enjoyed this film.

Sup team, fantastic effort this year, a huge step up from last years film. Drone shots at the start were neat, I was surprised how close you got to those trees. Your script was really awesome, a classic wrong place wrong time mix up, some fantastic lines and Freddie gave a real good performance playing an awkward hunk (oh wait he was just being himself ooohh too far? fight me) My favourite part was definately the reveal of the painting, the audience lost their shit and it was a well deserved moment of praise. So I'm not sure if you'll do this again next year cause you're in your 3rd year right? I think so, I hope you guys continue to do the competition either together or in new teams. My notes of improvement are just two things, camera exposure and sound mix. Some of the shots were just too dark for us to see what was happening, and the audio wasn't particularly clean and unclear audio is always quite distracting, particularly that phone call from the bride - while very clever with the wind - just sounded real awkward haha Really solid effort team, proud of ya'll, best of luck with your future film endeavours.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A groom on the way to his wedding gets mistaken for a renowned artist. I thought this was going to go the way of The Eh Team's film a few years ago as the set-up followed a similar path. Nice drone footage and a good performance from the lead. The colour was a little off at times, maybe the white balance was the issue. The sound too was a little inconsistent. Got plenty of laughs at the painting reveal and your intro is pretty slick.

he’s supposed to be getting married and now he’s giving a speech at the art gallery. hilarious! funny stuff. hilarious ending

Default Avatar J frog enterprises

Well shot well scored well made, and an interesting take on wrong place wrong time I liked it and can't really fault anything in particular but there wasn't the x factor, helpful feedback i'm sure probably a tighter edit at times at other times the lingering added to awkwardness

There's a lot of really funny ideas here, and one of the better takes on Wrong Place/Wrong Time from Christchurch this year. I think parts of the story are somewhat unclear, I didn't fully understand what was going on until I rewatched it. I think with a more focused story, and a bit more cohesive visual storytelling, this film could have been one to mess with. TITLE REVIEW: It's a great title, very funny.

A film of about 4.5 star quality so I had to pick and thought just enough there to go high. A fairly inventive take on the genre and an elaborate set up for the time restrictions. Could have fitted within the mistaken identity genre of a few years ago and also this years cringe comedy. The whole awkward speech was moderately amusing but the call from the bride made the film.

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