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Trial #37

by Wishful Thinking Productions


The editing in this film was slick as, really kept the pace up and tension held. I think in general the whole film was a little under exposed, hard to see, it's always better to start with bright lighting and grade colours off that instead of not having enough light to work with, that would be my main point of improvement for next year. You had a great concept, well acted and a stunning finish will all the bodies lying around everywhere. Really nicely done team.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A man wakes to find himself part of an upcoming trial that he can't escape from. Tensions rise the closer it gets. Really well-edited and plenty of thought has gone into the planning of this film. Well acted and the twist at the end works well. As mentioned above the lighting lets you down in some places. Lighting can be a real arse but the tips from Joel above are good ones. Nice work.

solid film. i’d say there’s a pretty strong chance we see this one again at the city finals. strong serious effort. keeps the audience hooked until the very end. I don’t know if I fully tracked the implications of the ending so i’m keen to see it again

Default Avatar nshady

I thought this was pretty damn effective; a nice Black Mirror mystery with some strong visual effects. Your outside shots were really moody and atmospheric, while the interior was more obviously a flat! Perhaps next time you can try to source a more clinical setting, or set dress a little bit more austere. I thought your edits and VFX here were very tight, and a good central performance, even if narratively it basically took me where I expected it to go. But on the whole it nailed the mood and the production was more coherent and well-rounded than a lot of the bigger teams this year. Nice work!

Some really cool ideas in this film, and the effects at the end when the character escaped were awesome, and seeing the other clones dead on the ground was a nice touch. The rest of the film leaves a little to be desired though, if we're gonna have the majority of the film set in a single indoor location, it would be nice if it were something a little more interesting than a run-of-the-mill living room. The film is technically competent though, and has a slightly predictable but effective ending. A clear grasp on story structure here, I'd just encourage you as a team to try something a bit more wild and a bit more visually intriguing next time! TITLE REVIEW: Trial #37 is great, I can't imagine anything suiting this film better!

I'm making my way through all the 2019 films in the screening room but this one is missing a title in the review database, had to search for the team name. Anyway David Lynch is on my mind at the moment because I saw a comment on another film in the screening room which compared it to his work. I could not sense any similarities which that particular film but this is much more like a Lynch film in terms of being an art house mind bender. We wonder wtf is going on and the ending doesn't give full closure. Still it was enjoyably suspenseful and there's definitely more development possible for this idea.

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