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The Good and Righteous Task of Stealing a Chocolate Labradoodle

by Neato Productions

Break my heart? Fine. Cheat on me? I'll move on. Take my dog? Boy, you'll rue the day you ever considered letting me into your life.


This was excellent. Great performances and beautifully shot - a hot contender for a best cinematography nomination. The two leads had really great chemistry and a wholesome arc. My only gripe would be by the end of the film it felt like we had only had half the story - would have loved to see a bit more then just them getting away with it, perhaps a sequel one day :) well done!

This was well done, simple and yet engaging.

well some fall into spoonfeeding their film a little too much, this one does a nice job into soothing it in for us.

I cracked up hard at the "hes ugly, anyway"

always good to put in a bit a Kiwi humor in there.

Ending was sweet and loved both the characters.

Good stuff guys

RS Productions.

What I liked:
An adorable cast and adorable story - Particularly Krystal, who is absolutely hilarious ("we planned a trip to Wanaka this weekend and he's still going!" is my pick for best line delivery of the year).

What I didn't like:
Hopefully this is more encouraging than discouraging, but I think this is a perfect example of what I mean when I say 48Hour films struggle with their endings! I'm adding Chocolate Labradoodle to my devastating list of "48Hour films which would have probably won if they had a third act", because, Neato gang, where's the ending??!!! The ex should have come back to pick something up and caught them looting, or something LIKE that which elevates the stakes for an exciting final confrontation, and these characters are able to overcome this final obstacle through working together <3 - I just feel that all the dominoes were set up for an exciting third act, but once the threshold is crossed it just all goes right for them. Remember - put your characters through hell and your ending will be even more satisfying.

Something else I liked:
This film is firing on all cylinders in both it's crowd-pleasing execution and it's technical specs - which is good news because I don't believe this is any sort of fluke. Come back next year with the same team and I reckon you'll knock it out of the park, but PLEASE end with a bang!

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