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by Upshot


It was a dooooogggg It was a doooog we all thought it was a shaaarkkk but it was just a dooooogg I think this film was really sweet and taking advantage of the surfing was a real strength really nicely executed. probably a little bit tooo long overall you could have cut down a fair bit of the discussion just to keep the pace going. Nice job team, it was a doooooggggg

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A shark attack at Sumner beach is covered by a local news team. Played pretty straight until the end this is what you expect from a news report covering an event such as this - interviews with locals and footage from the scene. Loved the shark silhouette effect in the waves. The scrolling text banner looked great and there was even an original song. Just not much happening overall in this.

nicely shot, cute concept for a film. could have been a bit tighter in the edit. the shark effect in the water was low fi but it really really worked! cute shots of the dog to finish were a treat.

A funny concept and a great twist ending, but definitely overstayed its welcome. This film could have been a slick 90 minute sketch and have hit the same beats. I'd have also liked to see News Graphics that looked a little more genuine and a little less cookie cutter iMovie template. TITLE REVIEW: News Bite! Very clever.

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