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Tech Support: Don't Call for Help

by Hello There Productions 21 views


Default Avatar Jos Morgan

A bit all over the place. Decent concept, and the shot of the robot-family was great. Not a fan of the heavy-handed subtext (so heavy-handed it's pretty much text), but I guess that's par for the course with this genre?

Default Avatar The Guy Who Reviews Movies On The Internet

A real shame that this team was disqualified, I think that this film shows a lot of promise and with some practice, this team could really be great. The film looks fantastic and sounds good. The message while played to great comic effect does feel as though you're being beaten over the head with it a little bit (how do you walk with hands so heavy?) Overall, the team shows a lot of promise and I look forward to seeing what they produce in future.

Cool concept- reminds me of a whole lot of similar themes drawing on the fear of technology. What I liked: - Great expressions form characters - The robot family eating simultaneously- and age approprate casting for the family. -3 characters in their stories. Apolologies, but I was distracted by a guy next to me who had his cell phone out in the auditorium the WHOLE TIME! Not sure if he was writing reviews on his phone or something. Not your fault, but I can't remember what the 2nd or 3rd stories were from the characters. What I think could be improved: -Age appropriate actor- while the therapist character had some great facial expressions and clear dialogue delivery, it was still obvious that they were too young to play such a professional. Perhaps in the future, have their face in shadow or out of frame. This could potentially provide an additional dimension to provide mystery/ominosity to the character. Congratulations on making a film in 48hours! Look forwards to seeing what you projects you undertake in the future.

Default Avatar 48filmmonkey

Though the acting was very deadpan and funny the story was utterly all over the place and the production was very bland. Wasnt quite enough to be particularly memorable and didnt quite reach high enough to be taken that seriously.

You had a very interesting story here, the jacket on the coat hanger completely blindsided me so well done on that. Main thing I can remember needing work was the sound, volume was a little erratic and distracting, solid effort overall!

Default Avatar MistaTeas

Three teens go to a techphobia support group run by the loveable Gareth. Support group films...kill me now. That said, your flashbacks (and this is how they usually go) were good ideas and funny! Overall, things were a little slow and predictable; I wrote the ending down when I first saw the group form. Well done on your audio quality though.

A pretty cool story, you guys should be proud of what you made, even if you didn't get it in on time. Great comedic performances from the male technophobe too, I laughed so hard at him reacting to the door beep. Keep working away at those storytelling skills, and maybe next year try come up with an idea you think nobody else with your genre will think of, because this kind of felt like you went with the first and most obvious idea. As for your title, "Tech Support: Don't Call For Help" is pretty intriguing, I like it.

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