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Viral by Nature

by Off Demand


Default Avatar J frog enterprises

This genre has provided some variety of approaches there is some great close ups and greats shots and editing at points at other parts it needed a bit more polishing good dedication of the actor in the credit scene overall and enjoyable film

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A popular influencer is challenged by subscribers to eat worms basically - a royal nature diet? I got a little confused as to if there were one or two people doing the challenge. Regardless the scenario was pretty straight-forward and so this short achieved what it set out to. The decomposing at the end was cool and was well appreciated by the audience. I do think that the short could have been pacier and to really sell the influencer idea more work could have been done on that part of the film.

lol worms. Had some good moments in this film especially that abrupt decomposing scene at the end. The pace was a little bit slow, be sure to trim up your shots so that you get all the information in without lingering on too long.

Turns out this wasn’t a cringe movie?! Fun concept, I liked the use of the influencer culture. Great effects and use of the worms. Fun take on the genre. Great time lapse too.

A really cool idea for a Nature Run Amok movie. The way the worms were shown eating the humans was really creative. Overall if this had a better technical side and focused more on the girl being influenced by the vlogger and less of the vlogger, I think it would have been stronger. TITLE REVIEW: Viral by Nature is clever.. but only if "viral by nature" is a common turn of phrase that I've just never heard of.

Not really enough story to engage me here, eats worms then dissolves into worms. Cautionary tale against imitating influential celebs? Needs to be a bit more fleshed out, seems more like a puff of smoke to me.

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