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Great ULTRA film, made good use of the split screen, mixing it up and keeping it fresh Good humor throughout Easy to follow plot and nicely paced. A+ effort

Default Avatar GeorgiaJones

My favourite of the heat. Excellent acting, nice humour, and very sleek editing. Looked pretty!

Default Avatar LaChocolatier

Loved the self aware humour in the intro. Funny concept. Liked the joke with the baby. Fantastic break the forth wall joke, sticking it to winter shooting. Loved the night scene. Well done, guys! Great use of split screens! Hilarious film.

Default Avatar J frog enterprises

Great funny movie with good and creative editing, the mockumentary really let you use those split screens naturally however I believe as the premise of a mockumentry already breaks the wall then you should have gone further to break the wall the really nail the requirement, but what is the use of giving feed back on something never likely to happen again overall i loved it

Boom clap sound of city finals. Some really fantastic jokes in here - particuarlly that direct reference to the genre was just beautiful. A few of the 'B-roll' shots could have done with a bit of extra grading just to line the colours up between the two screens, but besides that, we got a real solid film here folks. Made me very happy.

Default Avatar nshady

Given the difficult Ultra prompts this year, it's kind of miraculous that this feels as effortless as it does. Your split-screening is light and breezy, your edits sharp, and I'm never one to knock a mockumentary. Plus, the premise is just good fun, with the best genre name callout of the night. This might say more about me than your intentions, but it felt like the second cam's whole job was just getting ass and crotch shots, which I enjoyed as a meta joke on the merits of splitscreen. Well done. See you at the finals.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

As mentioned in the team description it's reality TV time with Blade Masport, Lawn Enforcement Officer. Hard to fault anything on the technical side with this - super slick with super smooth deployment of the split-screen requirement. It's well acted, has a load of sight gags, puns, innuendo and overall silly situations. By doing mock-TV style the fourth wall breaking is no issue - in fact how many times did it happen? You just expect it. Looking at genre, I'm not sure if slightly overgrown winter lawns or a few large weeds really constitutes "Nature Run Amok" and this drive by the main character to enforce all of this made the story slightly repetitive. Audience loved it and no no doubt a city finalist in waiting.

Classic JAGBOG humour on display here. brilliantly funny bonkers premise. performed to perfection by the lead. (performance nomination incoming without a doubt) very fresh and fun take on the genre. here’s my take on their take on ultra. The film works in spite of ultra, not because of it. the split-screen thing kinda adds nothing. but it also doesn’t detract. so that’s impressive in its own way. is there any kind of internal logic as to why we are seeing the film in split screen? is it all just part of the mockumentary thing? like is the idea that we are seeing raw streams of footage? Minor niggle about the 4th wall breaks. personally I don’t subscribe to the view that a character looking at or addressing the camera in a mockumentary counts as a forth wall break. (can you break the wall if it was never there to begin with???) truly I don’t care, ultra was a dumb combo this year, and this team absolutely killed it in spite of ultra. - it’s been pointed out to me that the real forth wall break is right at the start when someone mentions split screen adding a ton of work in post. I remember this line but I’m still not sure it counts (in my pedantic view) will need to rewatch to confirm. one of the best films this year. very deserving of it’s high praise and reviews. I look forward to seeing it again at the city finals (which should start to make up for the travesty of justice that was JAGBOG’s film last year being snubbed)

Default Avatar NickMcLean

Great film! Funny and fast paced. But if I were to be anal - this style seams to be done a lot. I must say that this team did it well, but it seamed quite same same through out the entire film. There were a lot of laughs, great editing and cinematography, not to mention one of the best use of ULTRA. Well done team - definitely will make the city finals.

I'm so happy you guys made the city finals this year, especially after the absolute crime it was last year that you didn't make the CUT. The strongest part of this year is the lead character's performance. This basically carries the film, and in a competition where everyone is sick of Mockumentaries, you really need to make something that stands out, and I think Blaaaadeee Mazsspooorttt (spelling?) is an awesome and hilarious character. My favourite joke of the year is "You see that baby? ... It's not mine". The comedic timing on this is actually perfect and I crack up every time I watch this film. The split screen stuff is interesting, I enjoyed the meta joke about how hard it'll be to edit, and while I don't think this is a particularly impressive use of split screen, it's still an unobtrusive one - we aren't distracted by one screen over the other because it's basically the same information on both of them for most of the film - so nothing that really utilises Ultra in an interesting way, but something which doesn't ruin the audience's ability to follow the film. The one thing I'm not too clear on, and maybe this is just me, is the ending. I dunno if I just couldn't follow what was happening problem, but the whole final act in the darkness is a bit of a headscratcher for me. I don't understand the stakes, I don't understand the situation and I don't understand what happens to the soundy in the closing credits. This is a good thing and a bad thing, because when I recall this film, I think about all the great jokes, but I don't really think about its ending. Great job guys! TITLE REVIEW: I like CUT as a title which plays on lawn mowing and filmmaking, but I think there was maybe something a little more fitting for this film.

Default Avatar ForeverNoir

Arh! This film is so funny! You guys really hit the nail (or blade?) on the head with this film! Normally mockumentaries feel tired in 48 hours, but this felt so refreshing and was a very creative way of incorporating ULTRA. The charming lead actor definitely made this film, as his comedic timing delivered one of the best performances in this years competition. Although the ending was slightly confusing, I took it to mean that nature really had come back but in a kind of Blair Witch Project moment. This was definitely in my top 5 and I'm looking forward to seeing what you guys do next year!

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