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Losing My Edge

by Updog Inc.


This was a great portrayal of a generation gap with a twist of the horrific kind. Your best parts in terms of quality was anything inside, I suppose you just had a bit more control in that environment. Your outside stuff was funny but just a little messy, hard to hear some stuff, some things just didn't seem to be thought much about in terms of framing or making sure your characters were lit, the work needed to make characters clear and easy to hear at night can be difficult sometimes particularlly with the sort of weather we had. Overall a great idea and a lot of potential for future sucess in this competition.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

After not being taken seriously by the younger generation, a serial killer loses his mojo and seeks counselling. I fun idea here that frustrates due to inconsistent audio. I enjoyed the serial killers portrayal and the fact that he never removes his disguise - even at work. The ending is super dark and really well set-up. Nice!

this film had the unfortunate experience of playing after Toot Toot’s DGAF masterpiece. as such. I was still coming down from that high while i tried to watch this film. sorry to say but it was just hard coming back to reality with this film. it’s a strong concept. a serial killer has lost his mojo so he goes to a psychiatrist for help. turns out kids just aren’t scared of horror movie cliches anymore. good joke to end on. in hindsight this film was actually a lot stronger than my initial experience at the heats let on.

Had this film not been let down by an amateur technical side, I think it could have very well been one of my favourites of the year. As a bit of a horror movie nerd, I absolutely love the concept of a Jason Voorhees type not knowing how to relate to the kids of today. All the jokes were super solid, especially the "I'm Dead" bitmoji on snapchat, but overall a better technical team could have really elevated this film. If you guys enter next year, I encourage you to hone in on the film side of filmmaking because your storytelling and comedic sensibilities are awesome. TITLE REVIEW: Losing My Edge is great, but is there a way to incorporate something a little more 80s horror genre into it?

Interesting horror/comedy combination, shades of the mentions of being in horror movies in the Scream series. Killer seeking counselling because he's not scary any more is cool, also points to the level of cliché in horror movies since Halloween where everything becomes predictable and makes it part of the joke. Ending was clever although a bit of a jolt, definitely some ideas that could be developed into awesome here, really solid for the moment though.

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