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Free As The Wind

by PlanetFoxFilms


Default Avatar J frog enterprises

Funny movie one of my favourites from the heat well shot good make up, minor point why does the guy fall off his bike ?

You guys are one of my favourite teams in the competition. When wind appeared from behind the couch I was like 'YES this is exactly where I wanted this team to go' You had some fantastic character moments and I loved some of the unexplained humour with the guy falling off his bike etc. I think the main note of improvement would be there are a lack of plot points in this film. It's sort of like - The guys wants to be free, wind offers him freedom, wind then reveals it's not all that great, the guys changes his mind. I think you guys would have really benifeted from actually seeing Wind doing some crazy things interacting with characters in some weird ways, could have been a great way to keep the pace up. Putting that aside, this was a real fun time, you guys are a team I look forward to every year and you satisfied my fandom once again. That final joke made me loose my s***

Default Avatar MistaTeas

When a guy would rather be "free as the wind" than get a job. That's until he meets Wind. PlanetFox always find a way to work in some excellent make-up and continue their trend of creating wacky characters and wacky situations. They also have a trend of having two characters walk through a park or a field or the forest. Good humour, some gross-out moments and well-edited and shot. The audio did seem out on a few occasions and even ADR'd I thought in a few scenes. Plenty of fun and got a great reaction from the audience.

Hell yeah PlanetFox What a heck of a take. Probably should be up for best use of wind :D Great make up and designs. Great performances well shot, and aside from some mismatched ADR the filmmaking was all great. The guy getting super excited about becoming the wind so he can dry his washing was hilarious. Great ending, very funny.

God. I love this film so much and it killed me to see it didn't make the finals. I love PlanetFoxFilms, and this is their best film yet, and the kind of wild madness left in the wake of CRAB CRAB CRAB's influence that really needed to be seen by the finals audience. Goddammit. You guys this film is great. From the get-go I love that we open at Gus screeching, begging his girlfriend not to go. It's so funny, and such an overreaction. I also loved the weird joke about throwing a knife at her. In fact, I love the lead actor's whole goddamn performance. Its played off so dry and with such wry wit, and it's so funny to me- it's like he knows he's in a film, almost. Or more specifically, he knows he's in a 48hour film. It helps flesh out a character who could have just been a serviceable straightman to the Wind, who is obviously the more wacky and eccentric character. This actor has mad Gaten Matarazzo energy. On the Wind, so good! The production design is hilarious, and the ghostly white contact lenses really bump up the production value. When he came on screen my heart sung because, while I've enjoyed your last couple of films immensely, they all lacked a certain X Factor which I think this character, and a pretty decent story arc which takes us to some fun locations, certainly provides. So many great jokes and one liners. So funny. This film is so fun AND funny. Even the ending, which is distinctly lacking of any real stakes, is just such a funny and carefree place to take the film - that being said, while Gus does learn a lesson in growing up, it would have been MAYBE, MAYBE a bit cooler to actually see him have a confrontation with the wind that's a little more action oriented and less dialogue driven. The wind's arrival at the beginning looks great with Gus's hair blowing about like wild, what if he managed to escape the wind with similar effects? With a hundred million dollars you could have done a full on grandiose final battle, but a MUCH MORE SCALED DOWN version of this would have only contributed to the film's charm. I'm so proud of you guys. This film is so fun and charming and it really feels like you've learned more and more about filmmaking over the years and that's on full display here. Keep practising! Keep getting better! When you get to stage where your technical side and storytelling sensibilities are as cracking as your sense of humour, I could easily see you guys getting into the finals and maybe even winning Christchurch, or at least being my personal favourite team. This film was everything I wanted to see from you guys and more. Keep being rock stars. Add me on facebook. TITLE REVIEW: Free as the Wind is great. Love the title drop as well. Love this film.

A highly original and entertaining take on the genre. Brilliant that you could come up with that makeup for wind in 48 hours and kudos for the guy that fell of his bike, hope that didn't take many shots to get right. Probably nailed the required wind element better than any film this year by making it the whole theme. Nice little moral as well, guy wants to stay a kid, no responsibilities then he sees how good he's already got it. Must check out some of your past jobs after I finish going through everything from 2019.

Nifty little film with a great use of the required wind element. The makeup and characterisation of the wind was awesome, and I lived the wind effects at the start! I think as others have said I would have liked to have 'seen' a few more things about the nature of being the wind rather than being 'told' it all through the dialog. It's always hard with 48 hours to judge whether people will pick up things that are more implicit without being explicitly told them, but that's what creates more immersive stories and something to practice (that's about where I am on my own film journey too!). Did you redo your credits to be longer for upload since it is 6:14? Another great little film from ChCh, always look forward to seeing how teams like this develop!

Free as the wind is a film about growing up, and by growing up I mean getting a job because if you don't your girlfriend will leave your lazy ass. Declaring that he is "Free as the wind" and just wants to relax he is approached by none other than Wind himself with an offer, why don't you be the wind? The team have defiantly found a good way to use the wind element here, I thought the scene of Wind's arrival was really well done and the makeup work they did for wind was pretty good too. It's the sort of effort that makes it stand above the average 48 hours film in terms of production quality. I would say this though, after it sets up the film the rest of it story wise isn't all that interesting, they chatter for a bit and some random guy crashes his bike before Wind gives him some goop to eat in order to become Wind so faced with this dilemma he decides to finally grow up and by grow up I mean get a job... and have a baby. I think that the conflict could have been more compelling but I think a lot of 48 hours teams tend to move towards a light hearted and easy story solution instead and er on the side of gags.

What a wild ride. I'm not sure I've ever seen a team take a compulsory element, make it a character, and just run with it. This film went in all sorts of unexpected directions before returning to the expected conclusion with a neat little baby gag and perhaps a more sinister undertone. We all remember what the wind said about snatching babies. Altogether a surreal journey. I don't know if they still do awards for best strange film, but this is a contender for sure.

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