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Cooking with Sea Men: Monsters of Rock Special- Featuring: Kitty Chow.

by Aaron's Anal Lube Vacation


Default Avatar Andrew Yap Zen Loong

Very funny. I laughed myself silly from start to finished.

Default Avatar JonesBnB

The "zoom out" intro was a great way to start the night. But the last line/gesture for the outro had to be my favorite part of it all.

Default Avatar BRanD

This was funny. Loved the half hearted British accents, loved the hair. Spinal tap all the way. The way the three elements where stuck on at the end was great too

Another team that had issues with ULTRA by the looks of it. Strong start, coudlv'e become a cult classic if you had the same calibre of jokes in both halves oif the film (even fro this type of film the second half was definitely flat)

Default Avatar MistaTeas

So, a cooking show featuring rock legends (although they could be cats) sharing their culinary skills. This team has a proven record of madness within the CHCH 48HRS scene. A script is certainly optional when they start shooting and as a result you get a combination of funny improvisation and other bits that fall flat. Plenty of energy and silliness that the audience loved. What I love and respect about this team though is that they ALWAYS make the kind of film they want to make and make zero apologies for it. Keep rocking it, gents.

Bloody brilliant, all I have to say. NEXT YEAR: okay for real, don't ever change. We NEED teams like you guys, while you may not realise it, there will be people who see what you've done and be inspired < I'm not kidding. Inspired to have fun, and put the fun of the weekend before anything else, that's absolutely the most important thing.

Great brummie accents to lock in the MockuRockumentary style, but ultimately with no story it was just fun to watch you guys have fun.

This is spinal tap, and I enjoyed it

As soon as you guys registered and I saw your team name I was waiting with bated breath. 'Cooking with Sea Men: Monsters of Rock Special- Featuring: Kitty Chow' is exactly the kind of film I was hoping you'd make, and I appreciated it as an exercise in how loosely you can follow the 48Hours requirements and still technically coast by: It's hardly a monster movie- it wasn't until my second watch that I realized how you were justifying it It's hardly an Ultra as while the main characters are cats, that barely factors into their characterization or the story The elements tacked on at the end, and the shadow wasn't an actual shadow All of the above read like criticisms, but rest assured they are not, if you're gonna do one requirement 'wrong', you gotta do them all 'wrong'. It's a real pleasure to have films like this to break up the flow, or maybe start eating the flow from the inside out? I don't know if you guys are looking for feedback or a way to improve- I agree with the other reviews that I don't really want you guys to change... BUT with that being said, if you guys upped the technical side, and maybe constructed an actual narrative arc, but kept the costumes, nudity and crass humour, there's no reason something like this couldn't get further in the competition. As for your title, "Cooking with Sea Men: Monsters of Rock Special- Featuring: Kitty Chow" is exactly the kind of title that puts a smile on my face seeing it on screen. I love ridiculously long titles. Next year I challenge you guys to make a title that is a hundred words long.

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