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by Team Moon


WOW! This film was so good! Amazing concept. Great script. Excellent acting and cinematography. Beautiful set and art design. Reminded me a lot of the Eh Team's 2015 "The impotence of Hard times" when Hamish was a talking blue goo. Could not think of a single thing I'd change. If anything the last shots of the Dr plunging into the patient were hard to work out what was meant to be happening at first couple shots but then it became apparent and it was HILARIOUS. But what an ambitious shot to pull off so massive kudos for going for it and pulling it off still. I've only seen one heat but this would already by my top contender for placing at the finals.

I figured we'd have no idea what to expect from you guys after last years masterpiece. It could have been anything from trash bag to treasure trove, and within that spectrum, I'd say you've probably landed a placing with this absolute gem of a film. Beautifully shot, incredible commitment to the performances, it was just so damn funny and well written. I only have one question as far as whether it fits the given genre or not...because on reflection I realised that it sort of becomes a 'you and I may seem opposite but we're not actually so different' - I mean I'm pretty sure you guys pass..I think...I'm not sure, maybe I missed something or am just looking into it too hard, but it did get me thinking on what the rules were for this genre. The final moments of this film is what makes it a city finalist no doubt. Total bonkers, knocked it out of the park, oh my god I just love this film.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A medical intern/junior doctor stresses about performing an appendicitis but gains confidence from an unlikely source. This was a pleasant surprise really. High energy, well-written, filmed and edited resulting in a very complete entry. Hard to see this not doing well as it was such a crowd-pleaser. So yeah, opposites attract? They seemed in many ways to be kindred spirits but it's not important. Great film and typical of one that makes the final 15. Nice work!

a good premise and a fun take on the genre. Every aspect of the film works well together to deliver a solid entry. The actors give great takes on their respective characters and the intense wide angle photography punches this film into higher gear leaning to the absurd nature of the the idea. The editing and cinematography work well together to pull this film off. If either had been lacking i think the film just would have been far too silly for me. But because the filmmaking knows what kind of movie this is. It all works. The ending sure feels like the perfect way to finish this thing off I guess my only issue with the film is the same one that I’ve been banging on about in the other reviews. This film feels more like a sketch than a short film. Perhaps I need to get a grip and accept that that is what 48hours has become?

Default Avatar nshady

I found this really quite charming, and I don't know if I'd characterise it as a comeback because I laughed harder at your selfie last year than most films in that competition. A nice weird premise with good acting and production, including a commitment to go all in (I suppose literally) for the ending. Nice work!

I really love this film! It's so charming and quirky in a way that not a lot of other films in the competition are. A couple of people have pointed out to me that the film kind of feels like an Improv scene with heavy production value, and I caught on to this too (which isn't surprising considering the background of the team). It's pretty clear when you think about it, and it almost feels like a lot of what makes the film would be suggestions called out by audience members; "Can I get an occupation from the audience?" A Doctor! "What procedure am I performing?" An appendectomy! There's also the out-of-the-blue Scottish accen and the wacky ending with the silly, yet earnest, song, and while some may see this as a detractor, I actually have no issue with this being Team Moon's style, it's a cool exercise to see what Scared Scriptless would look like if the audience didn't have to use their imagination for the production design (which incidentally, you won the award for!). Your film last year was almost certainly an improvised scene anyway, so it's actually really satisfying to see a fully realised version of that this year, and I look forward to what Team Moon can give us in the future. One aspect I think really shines in this film is the cinematography - the slightly saturated lighting and almost fish eye lens close-ups are super effective at making this film stand out, it kind of feels like we're watching a cartoon or, and this is slightly more of a deep-cut, one of those wacky Saturday morning Educational kids shows from the 90s like Bill Nye the Sciece Guy, or Beakman's World? Those show's always went so wild with their close ups, and I really felt that in this film. The performances from everyone are great (for some reason my favourite line is when Emma says "Okay, cool, thank you nurse", it's said with such conviction and self-seriousness, I dunno I just find it really funny), and that story has got clear structure with a super hilarious resolve. My only real issue with the film is that the Doctor and the Appendix seem to go from enemies to friends very quickly, it almost feels like there was a couple of minutes missing from the middle of the film to make their budding friendship feel a little more organic, but hey, that's the 5-minute duration for ya. I think this is a solid short film, and one that could stand outside the competition easily. I would subscribe to a youtube channel of high quality short films which focuses on polished versions of improv style storytelling. TITLE REVIEW: INFLAMED is perfect. See you guys next year.

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