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by Top of the South Blenheim 311 views


Default Avatar Colour purple

Simple, werid but it worked. Good awkard acting. Kinda did and didn't like the song... But do think it worked for the audience and film. I did see that ending coming but it worked anyway.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A guy does on a tinder date and thinks he's found his perfect match. Some nice touches of humour in this, especially at the cafe where there was some great comic timing. Loved that velociraptor is a star sign! Interesting musical montage at the end. I did have a feeling on what the twist was going to be given the anti-romcom was going to be but that didn't diminish the reveal when it happened. Nice work.

Some great dialogue in here kept the pace up, thought the singing was pretty great but may have lingered on a little bit too long, liked the ending a lot and I thought the chemistry between the two leads was pretty natural which was refreshing to see.

Good concept that the actors and everyone involved do a great job of bringing together. Great ending.

Well... crap. Something I asked myself when watching this film was whether the dialogue was awkward because the acting was lackluster, or, was this how people really talked? This prompted quite a bit of contemplation but I suspect that wasn't entirely related to the narrative at hand. 11/10 twist ending and I couldn't have asked for a better film to end the heat on.

Default Avatar Kawiti Naitoro

Very funny film guys. I thought your main actor did a great job and I really enjoyed the dirty water looking coffee and the 'biscuits - I made them myself'. I thought the gag with the singing girl was great too. It looked good - was this shot on a GH5? Just guessing because of all the slow motion.

Default Avatar bob8767876

i actually really enjoyed it and the ending was not what i expected but a great plot twist, and the start was funny too.

Default Avatar The World Endor

Loved the ending - took me by surprise. Good looking short, with a few funny moments. Nice job team :)

It seems the rules of 48 Hours are a little more flexible than the real world, where you would be immediately caught out for using Hallelujah (in NZ you still need permission to legally produce a parody). I would highly recommend writing an entirely original composition, as not only did I find your efforts to be a little lazy, but an original score is far more impressive and really brings your film up to the next level. As for the rest of the film, I found it quite enjoyable, and while I laughed at the ending I was a little confused as to how the two wouldn’t have known they were siblings. Apologies if I’ve just missed something. There are a lot of films to remember (and for the sake of my own consistency I’d like to refrain from rewatching the films before reviewing, now that some are available).

The technical side of this film is clearly the team's strong point. The camerawork is really good, as is the music and the original song got a laugh out of me. I think you guys fell a little flat with your story though, relatively strong beginning and a banger of an ending but not a lot happens in the middle, which I think is a common issue with romcoms and their sub genres like this one. As for your title, I like "Velociraptor" as a relation to their star sign (though I didn't know that was a star sign). Not exactly indicative of your film, but intriguing nonetheless.

Oh man I couldn't remember this at all- until I started re-watching your upload and with the literal toilet humour, it all came flooding back! What I liked: -Classic romantic shots in the park -The ending What I wanted to see more of: -I kept thinking the waiter would turn up again, since such a big deal had been made of him at the start- I thought that was him coming at the end!

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