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High Note High

by Yo Banana Boy 660 views


How good is this for a musical attempt???? Great commitment from the lead, first musical number is very much a highlight. Ending felt rushed (and I lowkey wished he was still like the worst singer out there but the girl realised that singing wasn't everything and fell for him instead)(am I describing a Disney movie I'm not sure). Could be one of the top films of the genre, given how historically hit and miss musicals are.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A guy wishes he could sing better in order to impress a girl. Really good crack at the musical genre here. First song was nicely timed but then it seemed like we waited awhile to get another one. It's so tricky to do but the music needs to be sustained. Overall, the songs did lack a bit of punch but that may have been due to the overall sound being a bit low (maybe not your fault!) Great tracking shot at the start to lead us into that opening number and a bitter-sweet ending. I do wish you hadn't gone karaoke style by putting the lyrics in the lower thirds for that opening number - trust that we can understand the words as they were clear enough!

Musical is well known for being the big bad wolf of 48 and is often joked about being super terrifying (or maybe that isn't a joke at all), and I thought you guys took this genre and made the most of it considering your circumstances (having to do your film at school). A solid commitment from your lead (had his head in the game amiright? ) especially in the first scene really brought the film to life. I also LOVED the lyrics being played like a sing-along, a classic trope of a disney styled musical which was a great idea for a musical of this style. Overall I was very impressed with how your team didn't cower away from the genre and gave it a good go. NEXT YEAR: Pacing is always a tricky thing to balance, especially in a musical, but ultimately it'll come down to your editing. It's always good to go through each shot and see how much you can trim on each side without loosing any information, keep practicing guys you've all got heaps of potential for years to come!!

Default Avatar Keeley Black

This film was created wonderfully. Knowing that the genre was certainly a difficult one to make a film with in 48 hours, I'd say you tackled the genre and executed it beyond imaginable for time span given. The whole plot of giving the under dog a chance of getting the girl was well produced, and I appreciated that the main lead still wasn't the best a singing but still gave it his best shot and still winning over the girls heart, added to the satire and romantic genre of this film. The cinematography was fantastic, wide ranges of shots and angles added to the wow factor of this film. I really liked the animation as well, very cool. The comedic scenes such as the doctor examination and the first musical notes were key parts of this film which are truly honourable and well produced. Overall this film was one of my favourites from the heat, and was truly well produced. Good job :)

Default Avatar J frog enterprises

A funny musical with a good storey, good lighting and sound, the doctors room staging was very good and a funny use of shadow, the 48 hours to master singing joke at the competition was a bit cringe but overall a strong contender for best school team, maybe even more

Good LORD the choreography and camerawork on that opening song was incredible, it was top shelf quality, it was a classroom that was actually full, and the actors all confidently delivered their lines. After that though, our story does kinda just fall flat, and we never really jump back into a musical number as strong as the beginning. I found myself picking a few holes in the plot too, mainly that it's a singing based high school (the best one around in fact) and yet it still has normal subjects? I was also let down by the main character's best friend turning on him for seemingly no reason, he's such a supportive guy in the beginning, but then he tells him he doesn't want to be seen with him anymore after that "stunt" he pulled yesterday- is he talking about singing off key? Because they were still shown as being fast friends for a couple of scenes after that initial one- felt like a plot contrivance so that character could sing the "He can't do it" song, but I think I would have rather seen the best friend stick by the main guy's side, and maybe that would have helped stick the landing as well, as even if the hero does or doesn't get the girl, he still has his friend. Haha, sorry for being so critical, I'm only doing this because I 100% know this team is capable of something incredible, and I really really would love to push you guys through to the finals next year and beyond. My main note based on this film and your film last year is that you've got to hone your story arcs- that's basically all that's missing as technically this film is super tight. Maybe find a new team member who can be a dedicated script writer, because with a little narrative direction, you guys could achieve that bubbling potential we can all sense below the surface. As for your title, there's certainly some thought gone into it, and "High Note High" is pretty funny.

Default Avatar java

I thought that this film was amazing and have watched it a lot and enjoyed it every time.The best part was how the main character was able to overcome what his friends were telling him to do.

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