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by Not the early birds 34 views


Hey I liked your take on this genre! Some of the things that happened seemed to not have much relevance to the plot (the conversation between the two guys? Maybe it was and I just didn't pick up on it). You had some good shots particularly in the office scene, best tip for next year is to keep the pace up, look at each shot individually to see if you can shave off frames at the start and the end, it helps tighten up your story and gives you room to add in things you may think you can't.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A woman is murdered in the forest but gets a chance to earn a second chance by doing her time in a tedious job. Good take on the genre. I thought that the scene with the two guys complaining was going to turn this into Cabin in the Woods but it never really eventuated. Some of focusing in the interview scenes was not on the right subject so a bigger monitor might help in the future...or just more care. The ending was pretty predictable but that can happen. Overall, a solid effort.

An interesting film reasonably well executed.

Default Avatar nshady

There was plenty to enjoy about this. You had some nice ideas in play here, but it did feel a little bit like it needed a second pass through the edit to give the middle ages opener a little more breathing room and tighten up the second act. I liked the dead again ending (for whatever reason, didn't see it coming). Some good montage work aging and acclimatising the woman across her computer slavery. You had a couple of production issues, including some soft focuses... and I know this is a dumb nitpick, but I don't get why you printed off a paper to stick on the computer monitors instead of just loading up some kind of graphic or app on screen? I know that's a stupid thing to complain about, sorry, but it stuck in my head and I guess broke the illusion a little bit. Anyway, just my two cents - good luck for the finals!

What I liked: Easy to follow story with a payoff cyclical ending. What I wanted to see more of: Maybe more hints of others in the same predicament- I didn't quite get the pirate outfit- perhaps some more clues as to the backstories of the other characters. For example, a military helicopter pilot with a mini-gun from the Vietnam war would have been cool, even just siting there next to the pirate lady.

A really cool idea, and some really cool costumes. I think my main gripe with the film is that I don't find a call center location particularly interesting, I think it would have been interesting if this temp agency sent these mismatched revived characters off site into crazier work forces. The ending is a little expected, but it's a good ironic twist. As for your title, "Re-Maid" is great, though the main character was more of a Robin Hood analogy that a maid.

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