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by ARA’s Epic Peoples Association


Default Avatar David Rogers

If I had to guess, I'd say this team had watched Get Out recently before making this one - not a bad thing. The use of genre was great, I'm always a big fan of teams that take the genre and make it their own. I don't know what the run time on this film was, but it seemed to end almost as quickly as it began - I feel like it could have benefited from another scene or two in the escape. The film had a very strong and consistent visual direction, which was missing in a lot of the films tonight.

Default Avatar LaChocolatier

Great twist on the genre!

Default Avatar MistaTeas

Missing children are having their zeal extracted by a sinister organisation. As mentioned in other reviews, allusions to "Get Out" in this short from an ARA team (B-School?) Technically pretty sound with a good use of the overhead shot requirement. I too would have liked to see a little more happening and we get perhaps a tad too much exposition. Nice!

Default Avatar canaryinthecoalmine

A clever and original take on the coming of age genre. Good editing and lighting. I feel this story could do really well if expanded on, so a 5 minute film was like a teaser for a much larger story.

Nicely done guys. Great performances and well shot - You know it's well shot when you can shoot in the hallways of the design block and make it look like it WASN'T shot in the hallways of the design block :) I want to see what happens next in this story...

for me it took too long to get to the point and deliver on its concept. as others have mentioned I’m more interested in what happens next than what happened. well shot and constructed on a technical level. cool concept and take on the genre too. just needed more development.

Default Avatar J frog enterprises

I bit more focus on the set up and the news at the start would have helped this movies premise given its very loose take on the genre good sets props make up and costume, would have been a stronger film if it was a different genre just didn't nail any of the tropes

Default Avatar BigG

Great lighting and a sinister storyline.I thought this short film was pretty good.

I can't decide whether or not I like the way you guys manipulated Coming-of-Age as a genre. I do love a good sentimental coming-of-age dramedy, so I was personally a little disappointed to the see this more sci-fi kind of approach. I also think the performances didn't quite sell the film's reality. The imagery is all very cool, but I don't think the script was compelling enough to accommodate the location or cinematography. The great thing about Coming-of-Age is that it can very easily be a low-fi low-budget kind of film. I think it can be important to write a story within the box of your own life experience, and as it stands I found the writing in this film somewhat unconvincing. TITLE REVIEW: Thirteen is a tried and true Coming-of-Age buzzy title. good job.

Didn't actually think of Get Out while watching this film but when seeing mention of it in other reviews it's pretty obvious with the pretending to be sedated and then making the escape. A competent all round effort however, as others have mentioned there wasn't really enough time to develop the concept as much as it deserved, it looked like it could be a trailer for a real film.

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