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Baking Takes Time

by Taniwha Road


Default Avatar MistaTeas

A trio of girls prepare for a bake sale. When they make a bit of a mess and are told off they use a time travel app to sort things out. The real strength of this short was when we got into the time-travel part. Some clever editing made great use of the actors and there were some genuinely funny moments. Next time, perhaps shorten the length of some of your shots and if you get more coverage overall, then you will have more options to use. Really solid effort and hopefully this team will be back next year.

I was super impressed with how you framed your shots to be both acting in frozen time and also be in frozen time, so so clever, definately the strongest part of the film. The rest of the film could have probably been cut down to keep the pace up, but really nicely done overall, nice job!

Pretty great time travel film! Weird concept and mechanic for time travel but I was into it. Funny and committed performances.

The frozen time scene in this film was SO WELL DONE! I'm not sure how "into" filmmaking this team is, but framing those shots with the frozen characters, and then the editing making it totally seem like there were two of each person in the room is actually super effective filmmaking! Very cool. With techniques like this, I'm looking forward to seeing what Taniwha Road produces as they get older and more experienced! My main note would be to work a little on your storytelling, acting and overall technical side, because this team shows a lot of promise and I would be stoked to see them in the finals some day. TITLE REVIEW: Great time travel/baking double meaning.

Default Avatar J frog enterprises

I liked this film a lot the story was cute and perfect for a short film there were no real issues technically, and some good work in the frozen time shots, I think this has a shot at best school team

I miss my girls from 2019 as they have moved off to other schools and glad to be back in the competition with some other friends from school 2021. Working with parents and friends & whānau online in 2020 wasn't nearly as fun as this year's 2021 entry!!!

So love this competition! I get SO excited, especially when I can do this competition with my friends!!!! However, Once a Taniwha, ALWAYS a Taniwha!!!

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