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The Trade

by The Ara Autures


Default Avatar MistaTeas

A bloodied young man finds himself dealing with Satan who will trade the man's soul for that of another if brought to him within five days. A bit too dark in places and the audio was also a bit inconsistent with some scenes completely without any sound! 180-degree rule was abused on occasions and while I really loved the execution of the initial fiery door to Hell, one of latter ones clearly showed lighting and an office space which spoiled the illusion. Potential with this team though moving forward.

You guys had a great concept, struggled a little to get some of the details due to the sound and sometimes lack of visuals. I think you bent the rules of your story a little which confused me, with Satan first saying 'get me a soul' and then at the end saying 'get me a soul but not that soul I don't like that specific soul' haha, maybe I missed something. Glad to see so many teams from Motion Design taking on this competition, keep at it guys!

I assume there were sound problems here which may have lost us some key plot elements, but the idea was well grounded, and some good acting brought us 'on the journey' with the lead character. Was the ending Hobson's Choice - eternal damnation, or eternal damnation just one week later? Wasn't quite sure of the payoff and, as I say, that may have been because of the lost dialogue.... Nice idea overall.

Default Avatar J frog enterprises

As others have mentioned lighting and sound issues effected this film did it start with a zombie killing the lead ? if so it seems slightly out of place with the rest of the film as its not brought up again throughout the dating was the final idea supposed to be that if he didn't get another soul he was good but by sacrificing someone he dammed his own soul ? or is my interpretation just different to the other reviewers

Jarring technical issues be damned, the concept for the film is really strong, though it's such a tried and true formula in 'deal with the devil' stories that it feels like it's been done before. Had this film been as good technically as its story, I think it could have stood a chance against the best of them. As for your title, "The Trade" is ominous, but I think you could have thought of something darker or stranger.

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