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I loved this film a lot. Very very good perfomance by the lead, not cliche'd over the top dramatic acting, lines didn't feel scripted most of the time. Only detraction was the ending, was the only part of the entire thing that wasn't tight (shaky camera pan, date hitting you over the head). Got one of my audience votes.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A young teen records a personal message for a relative to view years later. Loved the serious tone to this that was sustained throughout. Love seeing a school team tackle serious. Really good acting from the lead and a nice message delivered. I agree with Zac above that the shaky pan to the newspaper at the end just wasn't needed. You'd set the story up so well that it was clear not only what had happened but when it had happened too. Overall, well done!

This was special, a great take on a difficult genre. Great delivery of the lines, well written and very touching. And my critique has already been said twice above, I enjoyed how subtle this film was the whole way through until that date showed up haha, easy to overlook that when you're reviewing the film as a whole though, well done guys!

Default Avatar Jos Morgan

Not my type of thing. Courtney's writing is strong, though the characterization is weak leading to an overall strong performance (i.e. the acting holds up the character and not vice versa, or, ideally, a combination of the two). It's pretty strong though, and in comparison with many school entries holds its own. Also, being a solo team is rough, and Yikes found some pretty decent work-arounds.

Default Avatar J frog enterprises

Great film with good acting, was the an original song ? if so that was also very good. good use of make up and custom to show time passing however moving somethings in the background bench would have helped or doing the vlogs in different places. Zooming in on the calendar seemed forced you had done a good job writing and setting it up that it felt unnecessary

I absolutely loved this film, and fought pretty hard to have it included in the finals. Ultimately I was outvoted, so this review will be comprised of what I loved and what I think could have been done better to allow for it to truly soar. The strongest aspect of this film is indeed the writing. The construction of story here was a surprising delight. It really creeps up on you and the ending is so effective it gave me shivers. When we were vetting these films, my mum saw this one and we both absolutely loved it, so props to you, YIKES for making my mum nearly cry :) Great performance from the lead, great implementation of one of the trickier genres this year, and absolutely oustanding work from a team which is jumping through at least 3 specific 48hours award hoops (Female Filmmaker, Solo/Duo team, and School team among others). I haven't been able to work out if the older person at the end was her lover from when they were the same age, or her father reminiscing, or someone else, but to be honest I kind of like this. We know he's a loved one, and that's enough. A couple of other people are pointing out that drawing attention to the date at the end was kind of hamfisted, but having watched this a couple of times now, I have noticed that we do in fact see a calendar at the start indicating it is modern day, so the dates at the end aren't entirely out of place, though maybe they would have suited being in the background instead of the camera floating and focusing on them. It would have been nice to see this film focus a little more on camerawork and art direction- and maybe this was a symptom of the solo/duo team format, but most of the video entries looked like they had been filmed on the same day. A hair cut, a bit of makeup, or shooting at clearly different times of the day could have really added a touch more weight to the idea that these videos were progressing along. A couple of the judges mentioned that they would have liked the performances/monologues from the lead to be slightly more understated- more naturalistic I guess, which is something I think will come with time as we see Yikes develop and grow as a filmmaker- which is something you could say for all of the aspects of this film. On that subject, I am very much looking forward to Yikes's film next year, and any work that may be produced in between. So much promise in this writing. As for your title, "P.S." is a beautifully tragic double meaning. Perfect title for the film.

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