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That Time of The Month

by Dragon V Mouse


Clear plot Lots of good jokes Looked great

Default Avatar GeorgiaJones

Clever idea, enjoyed the Gamer scene joke, nice one.

Dragon V Mouse has a history of having strong female leads. I applaud them for covering content that draws on suggestions about female pre-pubescent teenage confusion that I would not be able to do myself. Having myself grown up on time-travel classics like like Terminator 2, I found it difficult to relate to this subject content, conceivably oblivious, which is also covered in this piece by the video-game playing, sensitive and helpful males. To quote from the greatest time travel movie ever, "I know now why you cry, but it is something I could never do". Gag timing was solid and took the audience for an enjoyable ride. Full stars for an appropriate title! As it seems, this team seems very comfortable in their element, and as a previous finalist nominee multiple times they must be surely warming up to get involved in ULTRA next year to challenge and extend their filmmaking craft.

Default Avatar LaChocolatier

Super clever story. Loved the 'spotting' element, hilarious! Well done, guys :) Great work.

Dragon V Mouse usually make very tongue in cheek meta movies. this year they ditched their regular comfortable stylings for a high concept metaphor movie. as a pure concept it’s absolute genius. time travel as a metaphor for menstruation. from there we follow a young woman’s first experience of her ‘time of the month’ and then we explore the concept as she gets support from her brother or uncle and then by extension his female partner. (because of course men are uncomfortable talking about time travel) beyond the brilliance of the premise its a very simple short film acted to perfection and competently made. there’s nothing flashy about the film making here as the script and actors take centre stage. I really don’t want to state my favourite parts. as there are a lot of jokes and touches that will be best experienced when the film plays at the city finals. I also wouldn’t be surprised if it takes home a bunch of awards and quite possibly even a placing. (remains to be seen how great the rest of the films during heats are) some of the shot choices struck me as a bit strange, I noticed a few focus issues, and bizarrely the film is shot in 50p?

Default Avatar J frog enterprises

hope to see this in the finals a good quality complete short film

This had an amazing script. Your actors crushed it. I loved it all. Can't wait to see it again on July 15th Hoyts Entx get your tickets noooww

Default Avatar nshady

I thought this was a very good comedy take on the genre - loved all the different implications and world-building, including the recurring gag that the boys are grossed out. If I had one criticism, it's that it felt a little loose narratively. You had a ton of good gags throughout at a good pace, but it doesn't really take you anywhere by the end. The main character is basically just there to facilitate the clever jokes/thoughts but not to really do or achieve anything. Ultimately I wasn't too bothered because I was laughing throughout, but perhaps if there was a little more agency from her you could have landed on one great final joke? Just a thought. Well done.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A young woman experiences the onset of "Time Travel Cramps" and seeks advice from her brother & his partner. Dragon V Mouse do everything well - they're a polished machine these days of writing, cinematography, editing and putting all of that together to output a complete film. I'd say that their 2019 effort could easily stand alone outside of the 48. The overshot is so good as it's so well integrated. And it was so good we saw it again. The acting and comedic timing is great and as such, the jokes land. Using the notion of time travel cramps as an allegory for menstruation is a very clever take on the genre - if we buy into the plausibility of this. I do feel that there is some struggle as to who's story this is. Our teen - with her cramps or her brother with his feeling uncomfortable. Is it both? It's both. The only other thing I'd really challenge with this story is the allegory itself. Are men really still uncomfortable talking about periods? Do women really like to see men squirm when the subject is raised? I'm just not convinced that this is or should be still an issue. When watching I thought, "Yeah, I've been in this situation but 20 years ago. I don't cringe at the thought of someone discussing their period." Periods? Really? Anyway, ignore me - it's a great film. The audience loved it and so will the finals audience. Could even win it ALL! PS: This would have worked split-screen! And 4th wall would have been easy as. Should have done ULTRA, Richard? FINALS EDIT: Second time through I was really surprised at how slow this film was. As someone who delights in films made in single locations I don't think that's an issue at all with TTOTM- you don't have to rush around to different locations to make an effective. clever short - which this still is. Could have easily nabbed the "Best Script" award. It's pretty clever.

Default Avatar NickMcLean

This film was good, but I found some of the acting a bit cringe and the overall cinematography was quite plain and not intriguing enough for this story. There were a few strong performances and some laughing moments - but overall the film felt a bit forced in one house, mixed with flat lighting and mediocre music. I think the strongest thing of the film was the idea.

I really love this film. It's very sweet, and awesome to see a topic which has been needlessly taboo for a while covered in such a quirky way. I think the actors are all great, Briana in particular gives a really nice understated performance, she's not one of those actors who you can see is just waiting for her next line, she felt like a living breathing person in the world of the film. Kieran is hilarious and fulfils his role as the uncomfortable male perfectly, it's more of a satire of male characters than anything offensive. The joke is on him, not on the women. Maddi also plays her character with wonderful genuineness, pulling off an introverted awkward teenager perfectly. It's a small mousey performance (dragon v mousey?) which is perfect for her character's place in the film. The script, I think, is probably the best part of this film, while it's maybe just a series of wacky plays on the central concept, the underlining message is super sincere and plays throughout it. The stakes are low, but that's okay because the funny concept does more of the grunt work in terms of entertainment. My storytelling sensibilities are somewhat at odds with this film though, on the one hand, I feel like the concept is somewhat underutilised, as it would have been cool to see more extreme time travel, and while I respect the creative choice to make it a more grounded world where you only travel a few months at most, I guess my desire to see Grace and Liv travel to the 1920s, or the 1800s, or the future, or wherever (or WHENever ;)), is mainly because the single house location is a little dull, personally I prefer 48hour films which take us on a road trip to different locations. Personal preference but there you go. Also with the single location, the time travel itself feels more akin to teleportation than time travel, because you never see what time they go to. And when you start thinking about that, you start thinking about all the ways in which the implications of time travel as a concept aren't explored at all, and you start falling down the rabbit hole that every time travel film inevitably falls into. Ultimately though, what I think is really the main thing holding this film and potentially this team back, is just their low-fi set up. Some better cinematography and more consistent sound would have really made this film pop, and I think that acquiring these elements is the logical next step for Dragon V Mouse. I loved the sincere take this year, and it was awesome to see you all try something a bit different from your usual satirical films. I think this is your best film so far and a promising step forward for you as a team. TITLE REVIEW: That Time of the Month is great, as I'm sure were any of the other period/time travel titles which would have come to mind. In a way though, Time Travel as a genre feels like it produces the easiest films to title, as everyone eats up a good time based pun.

Default Avatar ForeverNoir

This film is such a cleaver and refreshing take on both time travelling and periods. I also think that the two female leads delivered strong performances and there was good comedic supporting roles from the males. I really enjoyed the allegory and think that it hit the nail on the head with the issues of discussing periods and talking about them, and especially the awkwardness of a young teenage girl's first experience. It's definitely still a topic that many men are nervous to approach and I think that you've done a wonderful job with the script!

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