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There Was A Way

by PlanetFoxFilms 269 views


Default Avatar MistaTeas

So, a guy is quite paranoid about being killed so has a dubiously motivated bodyguard protect him. (Perhaps.) Given the poster, I thought this film was going to be animated so I was quite disappointed right off the bat. In 2017, PlanetFoxFilms impressed with their Alien film and demonstrated a real skill in make-up. Thus, they must have been rubbing their hands together when they drew Splatstick thinking of all the blood and gore they could apply. And they did and it looks really good. However, this great strength in FX is also a weakness as this film relies heavily on that, at the expense of a story.

You guys had some freaking great lines yo I was SHOOK. Great effects with the guts, highlight was probably the baby falling into the river. You guys won best school team last year right? (EDIT: I was mistaken, I must have heard about your guys film another way). Man you guys are a force to be reckoned with and I can't wait to see what you guys do in the future.

Default Avatar Eva

There was no backstory which did work but left me asking why. Hilarious film which everyone was laughing throughout, dialogue during the end was amazingly dumb and made it just what it needed to be. The body guard showed emotions slowly towards the end and made it almost a sad but still funny ending. Amazing splat stick short made super well, great job.

Wowzer, what a ride. What a thrill. At first I thought you guys had made a musical and then BAM you get right into the splatstick and have done the genre better than any other team I’ve seen, embracing it to the absolute fullest.

I loved your film last year, and while this year's outing isn't quite as charming, it's still really great. I think you guys remind me of myself when I was younger, but from the audience laughter its clear that it's not only me who enjoys your style. Probably one of my favourite Splatstick films from what I've seen. While the story could be improved, the sense of humour is so good, as are the various stunts like the baby falling in the river or the character's guts falling out. I encourage you guys to buckle down into story next year. I could easily see you making the finals in future years, you just gotta combine your great practical ideas with a really quality plot. As for your title, I absolutely love "There Was a Way" as a title, but I'm not sure how it relates to the film?

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