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Yes Mother

by A bevy of...


Default Avatar David Rogers

Loved the costumes and make up for the film. The strongest make-up design of the night - It's refreshing to see that level of make up on multiple characters in a film. Really liked the gibberish language used in the film (unless it's an actual foreign language, I don't recognize). Plot was pretty straight forward, not really clear what happened when the time travel happened. - Bad luck about the DQ - better luck next year guys!

Default Avatar LaChocolatier

Costumes were great! The artificial intelligence device was clever. Loved how the daughter invented it. Cute ending as well :)

Default Avatar Erik Nally

Great costumes and set dressing. That stuff goes an awful long way in setting the time for your film.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A highly-strung mother and her enterprising daughter (both alien/creatures) accidentally time-travel to a relaxing, yoga-filled time and place. Make-up and costume was excellent here. There were some nice touches of humour and a great use of the double-take. The camera was a bit shaky in places but overall this was a creative and inventive short that was very different from anything else on the night. The chemistry between the leads was fantastic too.

Default Avatar canaryinthecoalmine

Excellent makeup and visuals, with strong performances from the actors. The story was difficult to follow, I'm not quite sure what it was about for most of that middle section, but I really enjoyed the end and how the younger character became the power player and outsmarted the situation. Sound was murky, the language used was a fun and interesting element and a good way to set the film apart and make it memorable.

Dang that alien makeup was killer. A bit hard to hear at times and a few of the scenes could have benifeted from being a bit tighter in the edit but overall a really solid effort!

Epic creature/costume designs. committed performances from everyone involved. well acted. well crafted film. one of the best double takes Ive seen so far. I’m not 100% clear on how/what happened at the end. but I liked the film throughout. Shame about the DQ solid film overall

Default Avatar Kirsty Cameron

Amazing make up!!!! Incredible. I was a little lost on the story but found it entertaining and hilarious in parts. Awesome effort!

Default Avatar J frog enterprises

A contender for best costume for sure, the audio was quiet at time, and possibly some more polishing of the edit required, the story could have been clearer but I may have missed some key subtitles at the start it doesn't work well with a one view and review in the theatre approach I am doing

Default Avatar BigG

The makeup was fantastic and the costumes were awesome.I got a little confused at the end on why they swapped.But to me a all in all grand effort in making a short movie.Kudos to you.

Pretty wild film. Did I understand it? Not entirely. Was the production value high? Not exactly. But that make-up was dope! I would love to see this level of dedication to make-up be implemented on a film that takes place in a location a bit more interesting than an empty room :) TITLE REVIEW: Yes Mother is great. The kind of simple turn-of-phrase title that I really dig.

This didn't exactly make any sense but it was a cool, fun little film with the costumes being a highlight along with the teleportation device. Seemed like a creative way of making do with what didn't look like a lot, some teams have a lot more resources. I think technically it may be a "bad" film but I think if I was giving an award for the most entertaining bad film from what I've seen so far this would be neck and neck with Do Mandroids Dream of Electric Beads? though it may be edged by that one due to the lunacy in the latter's title.

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