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The Trees Are Alive!

by Olax 108 views


Default Avatar MistaTeas

Two women go camping and eventually scary stuff happens. Nicely acted and under the light of the fire, nicely shot. There were some interesting choices to linger on a couple of shots - the No Access sign and the spilled can for example. The ending could be considered a bit comical but does deliver an important message.

LOVED your team intro. Great design for a tree monster, however leading up to it seemed a little unbalanced, lots of the couple together and then the last 30 seconds BOOM MONSTER SCARY and then sudden ending, maybe that was your plan all along in which I say well done haha.

Default Avatar Eva

Really well made and kept me on my toes the entire time, awesome message at the end with 'the rubbish monster' however didn't get through to me clearly that that was what it was. Little to no lighting helped the mood and made it quite spooky and having some humor is always great.

Some great moments in this film where I truly felt the tension, with a great use of lighting and quick camera movements. Just felt that the ending was a little unresolved.

When the judges and I finalized the shortlist, this was definitely in the conversation, so feel encouraged that your film was in our top 30 overall. I really dig the acting in this film- the two leads have a very authentic and believable relationship, and so in a lot of ways I was pretty invested from the get go. The ending also hits on a bang, the monster is a little cheesy though- I do wonder if you should have hidden or blurred the actual design. The middle of the film is kind of where it falls away- I think I would have liked more focus on the build up to the monster instead of just a drastic shift in the last minute or so. As for your title, "The Trees Are Alive!" is a great pulpy title, reminds me of a novel you'd find in a second hand book store. That being said, the film itself didn't feel like this, so maybe it could have used a more grounded title.

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