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by No Budget Ninjas


Default Avatar LaChocolatier

This film made us think! Was the time traveler the little boy? The water must have been freezing! Awesome acting. Very emotional film, well done guys :)

Beautifully shot and edited. I particularly liked the WHOOMP effect / zoom during the teleports.

Default Avatar J frog enterprises

A small set up in one of the presumably future jumps as to how and why he is going back might have made a big of the difference in this film which could not be faulted on technical elements, overall enjoyable

Mad respect for your actors in the water. The editing of this was super tight it created a great tension I really loved that. The effect of the character dissapearing was really awesome. In fact across the board this was a beautiful film. So my gripe is the question of 'Did this guy save a drowning woman but sacrifice a child to do so??' or was that guy the child? or did I miss something else? Perhaps this was a tragedy piece - in which DAMN out of no where No Budget Ninjas hits us with the feels - but I was asking too many questions to sit in that place so I'm wondering whether there is missing information.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A guy battles time-travel to save the life of a potential drowning victim. Yep, nicely shot and edited. Time-travel effect very, very smooth and effective. An expert degree of tension was created here and again this was achieved through the editing which controlled pacing and perspective really, really well. I also liked how we were potentially deceived by who exactly he was attempting to save. My questions with this come in when considering what his connection to the woman and child was. (Did I miss it?) Why was he there? How exactly was he time-travelling? Why was it glitching/proving difficult for him to reach his location? And, yes...was he the child? Pretty cool though and you'd expect to see it in the finals.

very tightly made film... perhaps too tight? as in, i have questions that are detracting from my overall experience. who is the guy, what is his relationship to the woman and her son. I’m just left wondering. or is that exactly what the team wanted!? time travel is a bitch of a genre though if you run at it head on, and this team did, so you have my respect for that. as mentioned by other reviewers. the filmmaking craft is rock solid, the editing builds real tension. nicely shot and performed by all. strong emotional finish. very likely city finalist.

Default Avatar dthoresen

That shriek at the end! Got me right in the feels.. could be a best acting nom for that!

Default Avatar NickMcLean

I liked this film a lot, great cinematography, pacing, effects and intriguing. The only thing that threw me off (as a parent watching) I don't thing a mother would turn her back like that and leave her child un-attended. Overall I liked the emotion and the score this film brought... in some what it moved me. Great film guys.

This film looks and sounds great, this is real professionalism here, and very deserving of the VFX award with its elegantly simple time travel flash. The acting is also great from everyone involved, and Sarah's scream is chilling. The atmosphere is moody and mysterious and very tense. HOWEVER. I have had quite a difficult time with the story of this film. I totally understand if it's the filmmaker's intention to leave the specifics vague, but even then, I can't help but feel somewhat.... at odds with the message of this film? Because I'm not sure this is a story with a noble pursuit, and I don't think the hero does the right thing, because if you were to give me an ultimatum between letting a baby die or letting an adult die, I'd probably try save the baby. This film seems to suggest that saving the mother was the right thing to do? One interpretation I've heard of the film is that the hero is actually Jasper all grown up, returning to the place his mum drowned trying to save him when he was a baby. This is why he disappears at the end, potentially. But even then, I'm not sure this fits with my moral compass, and I think a moral compass is important in storytelling. If this interpretation is correct also, then Idk how someone would be able to actually save a baby from drowning but then also drown themselves, because they'd need to get close enough back to shore so that a baby could exit the water by himself, but far enough away that the saviour would still drown? Look, this might not even be what you were going for, so that's fine. Ignore this if so. I'm not necessarily saying I needed a happy ending, but I do think every story needs closure. The easy version of this film has the hero simply battling time travel to save the baby. But when he gets to the ocean it kind of feels like it was always his plan to save the mother. I dunno. Apologies for being so critical. I'm a writer first and foremost so these are the things I'm gonna focus on above the technical aspects of your film, which as I mentioned before, are all A+. TITLE REVIEW: I really like LIFEBOY! It's pretty interesting and fun.

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