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No Bromo

by Cereal Killers


Default Avatar David Rogers

One of the stronger films in an otherwise mixed heat. I can understand why you didn't - but, I wish you'd really doubled down on the homoerotic direction of the film and commited to the kiss and having the 'romance' progress a little further before the third character interrupting it. The VO of the film playing in the background was great - You VO artist did a great cowboy impression.

Default Avatar LaChocolatier

Funny film. Great shots from other characters' perspectives. Highly entertaining! It's tough to make people cringe, I think you pulled it off :)

Default Avatar Erik Nally

Strong film. Funny and we'll shot. Plenty of room to get gayer

Default Avatar canaryinthecoalmine

Second strongest film of the heat in my opinion. Really great performances from the actors, littered with gags and mistaken advances. Well shot, well edited. Could've played up the cringe even more by making the characters more conflicted about whether to indulge the other. I have incorporated "cockporn" into my vocabulary.

Default Avatar Kirsty Cameron

Out of all the films in Heat 2 this is the one I have locked away in my mind as one to show friends and family when it’s public. What a hilarious story and well thought out. Fantastic acting. The only minor issue was some quite heavy audio peaking at the beginning. Other than that this was hands down genius. I loved it! Can’t wait to show mates.

certainly went down a treat with the audience. I absolutely laughed harder at this than I have at any 48hours film in years. confident strong performances from all those involved. good filmmaking craft too. will be interesting to see how this goes down with the judges. as there’s clearly an element of Gay Panic in this film. but then is that the whole point of the the take this team gave their Cringe film? for me I just needed a little something extra in regard to the cringe. I didn’t actually cringe myself at any point. I was just laughing too hard. I can see the ways in which the team was going for cringe. but I don’t think it ever actually arrived at a properly cringe moment the way they intended. the characters shoulda kissed. and if they had played it right it would have been a truly cringe moment. overall though this film was a highlight of the night. I cant quite order my thoughts around the gay panic aspect. on one had the film has a rather progressive attitude. but on the other hand the whole joke is, but I’m not gay!!! I might be over thinking it, or the team under thought it *SHRUG EMOJI* are we as the audience supposed to cringe at the gay panic on display? great use of wind.

Funny as hell. Well written gags, 3 great characters, sounds coming from the TV were hilarious. I got confused at one point as to whether both characters were misunderstanding eachother or not. It seemed like maybe one of the guys actually was into it (eg. He did straight up oogle at his ass when closed that door) So when the blame game came at the end I was thrown a bit but perhaps that's just me. Nice job guys!

Default Avatar J frog enterprises

Great cringey comedy I enjoyed, minor note that the sound on the third guy seemed loud even though he was further from the camera and it felt unnatural but overall well done

Default Avatar MistaTeas

Two heterosexual bros catch up for a movie. Mixed messages led to some awkward "feelings". Technically pretty strong with confident, committed performances by the two leads. Plenty of laugh out loud moments that the audience lapped up. But and it's a potential biggy. As has been mentioned above, this film treads a very fine line with it's representation of gay panic. And should homosexuality be seen as cringe or gross? So, depending on the lens you applied this short can either be friggin' hilarious or incredibly offensive. To be clear, I'm no SJW and believe the view that "wokeness" has given people a way to exercise moral superiority but compassion is an important thing. And in this comp, if we're hot on other things then "No Bromo" may have crossed the line. Interesting... It's a well executed concept though and even if the ending went a scene to long it once again hit the mark with the gallery crowd.

Default Avatar BigG

Great film.Funny loved it.Visually it was there for me and the dude coming in Midway with the sheet wrapped around him bag of chips in hand awesome.Typical boy behavior.Good storyline as well.

Awesome film! I love the dynamics and cringyness of the film. The actors were great!

Really solid work all around. Actors were great and the camera work was competent. I did think the actual characterisation was a little unclear, I was genuinely surprised that neither were gay because it felt as though we'd confirmed at least one of them was. While there's a strong sense of humour in this film, I am a little concerned at a film in 2019 basing a whole plot around gay panic, I'm not sure this flies today. We're not at critical toxic levels here, there is almost an equal amount of progressive thinking by the characters in the film, but still, it does make you wonder what the attitudes of the filmmakers were when making a film with this subject as their core conflict. As other reviewers have pointed it out, the fact that the characters stop just shy of kissing makes it all a little disingenuous, maybe all the gay panic elements would be forgiven if this was actually just a genuine coming out of the closet story. TITLE REVIEW: Again, I think No Bromo feels kinda like play on an antiquated term by today's moral standards, and it really didn't make me feel right. My favourite joke is probably just "Wokeback Fountain" as a film title, and I'd love it if you'd called the film this, or better yet, made this as a film.

Loved the voiced feelings of each guy when they've each come to the conclusion that their mate wants to go beyond bromance which leads to the hilarious conclusion. Creates a lot of cringeworthy tension, a really original idea executed to a T. Good to see that it's been one of the more successful films in terms of other ratings.

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