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by Olax


Default Avatar J frog enterprises

a great take on the real time and it was a good change to character in the final shot, the film was often restricted by shots possible in an actually moving car which should have probably just been faked to allow for more dynamic shots this also effected the audio recording, the petrol station scene gave an opportunity that could have been much more, also a minor detail but the gps voice was really annoying and i thought it was going to lead to something but it didn't

my god This was a BRILLIANT real time film. Acting was on pooointt I'm expecting a nomination for best performer for that lady. holy hell. I can't believe you pulled into a freaking petrol station, you had the audience all squirming going 'noo nooo just get to the hospital please oh my gosh' Your comittment to the ending was shocking and impressive A well deserved audience favourite

Default Avatar MistaTeas

We join the drive to the hospital for a woman having heavy contractions and her relaxed partner. I loved the intimate nature of this short. It's certain my kind of thing to be so with the characters in a confined space. The acting from the pregnant woman was great and I felt it never crossed the line into triteness. So, well filmed and edited with only a couple of audio issues. The stop at the petrol station, however, didn't really add anything and because we moved outside the car we got a weird change in perspective. Maybe it would have been better to stay in the car with the woman? There is a sameness to what is going on so I guess moving outside was the teams attempt to create a bit more of something. Likewise, the actual birthing scene was both unnecessary and looked a bit plastic. A strong film though and nailed real-time. A finals contender.

Terrific take on the genre Great acting, well shot. Great script Lots of hilarious quotes. Great effects towards the end too

While not the first time I've seen a 48hour film with this premise, it is still pulled off very well, and perfect for the real time genre... OR IS IT? More on this later. Lead actress's performance is excellent, and the film itself delightfully gross - especially with the literal OverHEAD shot, and overall the film is solid and compelling - very nearly making the finals but one of those situations where its not so much what's wrong with the film specifically, and more about the level of quality with the other finalists. I appreciate this can be a very frustrating thing to hear. I have 3 issues with this film, which, for me are what let it down in the end. 1. The male character is a LOT quieter than the female character, so much so that her scream which opens the film meant I had to turn the volume down, only to not be able to hear the next line coming from the guy. 2. At first I was a little lost with the petrol station scene, it seems to grind the film to a halt, and while I now see it emphasises how shit the husband is with his priorities, it does kind of feel like there's a larger point to the scene. Maybe if we'd seen this scene all play out in one take, it could have been a humorous reprieve from the action, but the way its cut feels very stilted, which is a bit of a paradoxical issue, as real time means you can't do any time jumps, HOWEVER 3. There's a goddamn time jump in this film! The characters go from in the car to running towards the hospital - which is a big no no. Perhaps you didn't notice? Or you hoped we wouldn't? I imagine it was to keep the run time going, but you were THIS CLOSE to being nominated for best use of genre, but it felt disingenuous after the time jump. Also, a phantom 4th point, which actually applies to a lot of 48hour films, I feel we don't really have an ending here. The character arcs aren't fulfilled, the baby just gets born. I'd have liked to see some comeuppance for the husband being such an asshole, or some retribution for the mother. TITLE REVIEW: Sampson is great, and a great dodgey name choice to spark a divide amongst the parents. I knew a Sampson once.

A bizarre combination of the mundane and the grotesque which didn't really do it for me. I see how strong the other reviews are but when enough people see something there's always going to be that contrary reviewer. Good use of genre apart from the last bit as AJ said. At the start of the film the way she was going on I thought she was being kidnapped. As a single guy I'm not sure if the depiction of all the pandemonium when a woman is about to give birth was realistic or over the top, didn't make for a particularly enjoyable film though. And with the husband going on about sticking to the plan I was "wtf dude?!" I guess this was intended but it wasn't my cup of tea. Not sure what the bloodied thing was in the final birth scene but that was the best part for me.

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